We’ve had a bit of snow of late.

Nothing unusual for our part of Canada.

People have been out shovelling their driveways and snowplows have been cleaning the streets and sidewalks and every house has a snow pile at the end of their driveway.

Piles in parking lots are a good story high.

Only problem with this is that the kids love to climb the piles. 

A slip and fall, or an innocent slide, can be very dangerous this close to the road.

So my third child (Hubby) decided the girls needed a front yard “luge track”.

He borrowed a neighbours snowblower and blew all the snow from our driveway, the sidewalk, the neighbours driveway and even the front lawn into one giant pile in the centre of our front yard.

This is the snow pile the first day he made it.

Since then we’ve had more snow accumulation and he’s piled all of it on top of this mass.

This thing is well over 6 feet tall right now!

He’s also helped shape the ‘luge track’ circling down and around the front of it.

I’m pretty sure it will still be melting come June – but all three of my children – LOVE IT.

This is why more women (wives and mothers) are medicated than men.

It’s great to be Canadian eh? lol

Have a great one!