I don’t have a crafty post today.

Instead, I’m going to ask any women that follow my blog to forward this post along to your husbands… and then be sure to leave your Pinterest account open on your family computer.

Husbands, I am going to make your Christmas shopping a breeze!

You’ve heard of Pinterest right?  

Probably in a sentence from your wife that began with “I saw this thing on Pinterest…”

If you’re like my husband – you hate those sentences because they usually result in you using a power tool – but in this instance – you are going to LOVE Pinterest!

Here’s why:

Your wife has already given you a listing of everything she likes.  All you have to do is print out the picture and take it to the mall.
Ask an associate to put together something similar for you and you’re done!

If clothes are too risky, she probably has a board for herself called Books:

Or flowers (which can – and should – be referred to many times a year);

Or maybe something with ‘Tech’ in the title: 

Or if she’s a really great wife, she might even have a board titled “Gifts For Me” for an easy reference… 
(Ladies, if you don’t have one, make one!)

 Clicking on any of the pictures in her Pinterest account will usually take you to the store where you can buy the items – or at the very least – direct you to one.

You may even be able to get all of your shopping done online BEFORE December 24th – wouldn’t that be stellar?!

One warning:  anything posted under “Diet”, “Fitness” or “Cleaning” should NOT be given as a gift.

Those are aspiration/inspiration boards – and your acknowledging them with a gift (whether heartfelt and motivational or not) will only result in further referrals to the “Flowers” board to get you off the shit list.

If coming through the Holidays as a Rockstar isn’t enough incentive, it’s still worth checking her Pinterest boards out…. you never know, there may be a board for “Gifts For Him” as well.

Where did that board come from?
I meant to show “Gifts FOR Him” not “Gifts OF Him”. lol

Have a great one!