Wine Gifts – a cute way to gift wine

As soon as I saw these I thought they were FANTASTIC!
My favourite was one that was released just before the Holidays that read “My child might be the reason you drink, so please enjoy one from us“.

Tell me that’s not a hilarious gift for a babysitter, teacher, coach or daycare provider?

Well, Amazing Amy of Open to Design has come up with more custom wine labels for Valentine’s Day – and since the ladies are coming over for a “freezer meal party” later this week, I thought I should test them out:

Start with boring, everyday, plain old;

4 bottles of wine

Then add a BLAM to get people’s attention.
This one stopped me in my tracks.  At first I questioned Amy’s definition of romance – but look closer:

Wine bottle with label "Go to hell"
wine bottle with label "Be my Valentine"

This one could be for Valentine’s Day or as an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” treat with the ladies:

wine bottle with label "There's nothing chocolate and wine can't fix"

Love this Jerry Maguire take:

wine bottle with label "You had me at Merlot"

The great thing about these is that not only are they large enough to cover any size label on any wine bottle and they include the wine-neck sticker as well – but they are also removable so your gift recipient can still see what wine is underneath.

wine label being removed from bottle

I think we need to ask Amy to make a hostess/host set – something applicable for all year.
We might need a birthday set too….

Of course this is what you want for your wedding wine – how about customized ones with your photo or date or even a replica of your wedding invite on them.  Perhaps a wedding thank you?

What about bottles covered with your company logo for home parties or executive gifts?
Come on Mary Kay or Arbonne ladies – tell me your hostess wouldn’t be thrilled with a special treat for hosting complete with your logo and website info on it?


The Valentine’s ones are available here, but Amazing Amy is also taking custom orders to suit your event…  she’s totally Open To Design whatever you want!

 Have a great one!

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  1. Shaunacey Bonneville January 14, 2015 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    LOVE these!!! so fun and such a great idea! Might have to order some!

    • Shelly 100Things2Do January 16, 2015 at 4:42 pm - Reply

      I have a great idea for you!! Have a photo of a hand with Jamberry nails on it taken – make it the size of a regular hand and put it on the label as though holding the bottle. Include your logo and contact info! Amy can do the work for you if you just give her the image of the nail wraps you want to show!

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