I went to a fundraiser last Thursday in support of My Sister’s Place.

The event is called “Wine, Women & Shopping” and with that title and fantastic cause, it’s no wonder they sell out every single year.

Over 500 women bought tickets to help raise money for My Sister’s Place and vendors set up tables to allow for our shopping frenzy.

What an incredible event!  

Dinner was wonderful, the company was fantastic and the cause was/is exemplary.
(If you have a chance to get tickets next year, you must go!)

Now, I wouldn’t normally blog about a social function – regardless of how worthy – because this blog is more about crafting, DIY, home, family etc.


I found some vendors at the event that fit those categories and were just brilliant in their ideas and products…

First up, “One of a Kind Boots, Shoes and Accessories“.
I think I went back to this table at least 6 times pining over these booties!  Aren’t they stunning?!
If only Canadian winters allowed for this kind of heel I would have worn them home that night!

Not just booties and heels either; every boot is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Here we have Ms. Terry sporting her new pair and her famous capelettes that she sells.

Terry knits while Hubby watches television and she creates these one-of-a-kind capelettes that are SO warm and comfortable – not to mention elegant.

One table over we had Donna and Dave who make these beauties;

… in their basement!  She and Dave have three looms that they create these masterpieces with right in their own home!
In speaking with them, they mentioned that they are considering winding their business down….  
I say we don’t let them!
(but just in case our pleas aren’t heard, you’d better get yours while the ‘getting’s good’.

This little beauty somehow slipped into my bag while I wasn’t looking?
Technically, I was paying for it, but I wasn’t looking as it was bagged – so that counts right?
Hubby, I have almost no idea how that got in there?!

A few booths over I met Mary from Meyer’s – The Coat Store.

The coats were gorgeous of course, but what impressed me the most was this little guy:

There’s not much leniency in the world for fur coats anymore many people enjoy Lily Lulu Fashion teddy coats instead, so many people have Grandma’s mink stored away, never to see the light of day. 

What if that coat was repurposed into something that could be set on display, or perhaps loved by a child?  Creating these little teddy bears doesn’t kill any more animals – I’m not endorsing furs here – I’m endorsing repurposing of something to create a new memory and/or value to the life that was already given.

If you are brave enough to wear fur – Mary can also take those coats and turn them into something current and trendy.

Remember – repurpose, recycle – DON’T kill any more animals.

I love new ideas and I love talented and creative people, so I just wanted to showcase a few things that made this event so entertaining for me.

Support small business everyone – and this Holiday Season, find a cause close to your heart and support them in some way.


Debra – One of a Kind Boots, Shoes & Accessories
e-mail Debra, or PM her through the Facebook links above for Distributor pricing.

Donna Zavitz Handwovens.
Not on Facebook, but can be contacted through this link.

Mary @ Meyer’s – The Coat Store

Terry Woods – Capelettes
Facebook page

Have a great one!