Have you heard of Tagxedo?

It’s this amazing online program (free) that can take your words and put them into any shape you want.

I wanted to show a step-by-step tutorial – but I couldn’t get the program to work on my Mac.
Instead I’ll show you a screen shot from the site so you can see what the “creator” looks like.

They have an entire gallery of shapes and words ready for you to use, but I like to make personalized gifts, so I created my own…

Go to Word / Layout Options and input whatever word you like – you can even select the font that you want the word to appear in;

Then click on “Load” and enter all the words that pertain to what you want to display.  You can use 100, or 1000 words, or any variation in between.  Tagxedo will repeat those words over and over until your image is filled.

Note:  multiple words like “chocolate chip cookies” will not stay together, it’s a single word diagram program.

Depending on your image, you’ll want to adjust the orientation.  
I find that using the “H/V” works the best for words.  It simply means that all of your words will be positioned both horizontally and vertically to fill in the letters.

If you are using an image, then adjust accordingly – you can see how the angles worked well on this maple leaf.

From here you can choose the fonts that you want inside the image, the colour palette etc. 

If you don’t like the way an image is being filled, simply hit “Layout” again and it will re-sort the words into a different configuration.

Note:  Hitting “All” will resort everything – so only use this if you want to see random colours, layouts fonts etc.  If you have a particular palette you’d like to stick to, just use “Layout”.

I needed a few birthday gifts for upcoming parties, so I thought I’d make little pictures:


I used PicMonkey.com to remove the borders and resize to fit in  my frames and done!

Have a great one!

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