I LOVE my wrapping caddy!

The idea stemmed from a version that Ana White made, but this one is my interpretation of it and let me tell you it is cute, functional and EASY to make!  I’ve been wrapping up a storm while the girls are at school and I can easily transport this from room to room (so I can wrap where the gifts are hidden).

This project was made entirely with my Rockwell Tools Bladerunner X2 – yup, my little 15lb portable saw was able to scroll cut, rip and slice like it was through butter!  More on that later – first up the how to’s:

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of peg board cut to 4″ by 26″ (you can go longer if you have longer rolls of paper)
  • 2 pieces of 1″x8″  cut to ~8″ square
  • 1 piece of 1″x8″ cut to 24.5″ long
  • 1 piece of  3/4″ dowel cut to 26″
  • 3 pieces of 1/2″ dowel cut to 26″
  • 1/2″ and 3/4″ spade bits
  • present template
  • Bladerunner X2 saw
  • sandpaper 150-180 grit
  • Drill
  • wood screws
  • wood glue
  • peg board hooks
  • paint

I’ll start by saying that the present is not my image (I’m afraid of any copyright issues).  It was an image I found on Google that fit my idea of what I wanted the ends of my wrapping caddy to look like.  If you want the same image – please use this link so the original artist will get credit and make a ‘donation’ if you wish.

I resized the image in Word so that it was ~7″ wide by 7″ tall and then traced it onto my 1×8 wood.

DIY Gift wrap caddy

I then cut out the presents using my Rockwell Bladerunner X2.  SOOOOO easy!

My favourite part is the guard that comes down over the saw blade – honestly, I’m pretty terrified of saws and won’t use a table saw because it doesn’t have a guard to save my fingers.  This blade is covered by the guard and I can swivel and move my wood around without worrying (too much) about my fingers getting chopped off in the process.  It works a lot like a sewing machine, just guide the wood and you’re done!

Gift wrap caddy 2

You’ll need one present for each end of the caddy, so cut two while you’re having fun, and give them a sanding to polish them up.

Gift wrap caddy 3
You’ll need to cut your pegboard down to your required size – in this case the top of present I just cut comes out at 4″.  I wanted my pegboard to nestle underneath that lip so I set my Bladerunner X2 steel rip fence (wow, that sounded macho eh?) to the 4″ marker on the table top and ran my peg board through.  Perfectly straight.  (pretend you didn’t notice that I cut two sheets of peg board at the same time okay?).

Gift wrap caddy 4

Next you’ll want to drill dowel-sized holes in the ribbon section of your wood gift plates.  I drilled one hole at 3/4″ and the other at 1/2″.  The 1/2″ dowel isn’t strong enough to act as a handle, but will instead hold ribbon, tape, scissors etc.  The 3/4″ dowel can hold ribbon as well, but works better as a handle for your wrapping caddy/gift wrap caddy.

Gift wrap caddy 5

Pre-drill holes in the bottom of your present plates and glue and screw them to your 26″ 1×8 board.  Attach your pegboard sides just under the lip of the present using wood screws.  Add a couple more wood screws along the bottom of your pegboard to the wood base for extra strength.

The dowels should slide in and out of the bow-holes fairly easily.

Come on!  Isn’t this SO CUTE already!

Gift wrap caddy 6

Given that it’s Christmas I decided to paint mine with some CIL Rapture red with gold craft paint for the ribbon, but you can paint it any colour and use it for gifts all year long.

Wrapping paper rolls come in a few different sizes, so if you want to make your caddy longer to accommodate longer rolls, all you need to do is change up the length of the 1 x 8″ base and the two pegboard sides.

Add your pegboard hooks to the sides and thread your paper with the dowel  and you’re done!

Gift wrap caddy 7

The 3/4″ handle makes a great divider for standing your gift bags and tissue paper up, the base is deep enough that you can hold additional rolls of ribbon, gift tags, tape and scissors and with two peg board sides, you can hang a roll of gift wrap on each one!

Gift wrap caddy 8

I made Hubby “model” the wrapping caddy/ gift wrap caddy for me so you can get an idea of size and portability.

Gift wrap caddy 9

Mine is sitting by the couch looking all cute and functional until I need to sneak-wrap another gift.

Gift wrap caddy 10

You could probably even tuck your wrapping caddy right under the tree with the gift end sticking out so that it’s close by AND decorative!

Gift wrap caddy 11

What can’t you do with this saw?!

Rockwell Tools Bladerunner X2

click image for link

It can even handle cutting metal, tile, plastic, ceramics and aluminum with ease!

Rockwell Tools Bladerunner X2

Tools for People that Rock!

Available through Rockwell, Amazon, Lowe’s and Canadian Tire.

(Psssssst – it makes a great gift for the DIYer or Wanna-be-DIYer in your life!)North Pole stocking hanger F


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