Just a quick and easy post for you today;  organizing your wrapping paper.

With Hubby’s 40th earlier this week and Chloe’s 8th coming soon, I went into my gift cupboard to take stock of what I had on hand.  I needed paper to wrap a few gifts and while I was in there I checked out what I had left from last Christmas that could be carried forward….

and it was a mess.

I had rolls of paper everywhere, each starting to unwind causing torn edges and an overall cluttered look.

Enter some brilliant mind on Pinterest that suggested using TP rolls to corral your loose ends.

Just so happens, I just finished up a roll of paper towels, so I cut a seam down one side and then chopped it into sections.

Storing wrapping paper, wrapping paper organization


wrapping paper storage - 2

That’s it – the full tutorial.

Paper towel tube, cut, wrap, then enjoy the tidy.

wrapping paper storage - 4

Oh, storing them in a garbage can (from the dollar store) is a nice way to keep them in one spot as well.

Wrapping paper storage P

Have a great one!


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