If you’re a Pinterest surfer like I am, you may have seen the little baskets of eggs that people have created with yarn and glue.

If not – go search “yarn eggs” – they are so cute! If these little DIY projects have inspired you to make some of your own, you should know that for hand dyed yarn you’ve got to check out kelpieknits.com, as they could help you craft the most beautiful yarn eggs imaginable.

Well, since I already have a small egg display, I decided to “Tim Allen” the tutorial and make a super-sized one.
Remember Tim Allen and the show “Home Improvement”?  Argh, argh, argh (that’s me pretending to do the caveman grunt)


Here’s what you’ll need;

First mix 1 part white glue with 2 parts water.
Cut your yarn into 8 to 10 foot strands (so that it doesn’t get tangled) and soak in the glue mixture.

Wring some, but not all, of the glue out of the yarn and wrap around your balloon.
I did this over a cookie sheet because of the drippage – yes, that’s a word (as of now). 

Chocolate cake post coming soon!

Once you have your balloon covered as much as you’d like, sit it on a plastic dish and leave to dry.
Mine dried over night.

Grab the knot of the balloon and cut a small hole.  You want the air to leak out slowly, not pop.

Nailed it!  Doesn’t it look great?!

Kidding – this did make me panic though.
The yarn will collapse a little where it’s adhered to the balloon, but as the balloon deflates it will let go.

Whaddaya think?

If you do want to make the mini eggs, just use little water balloons as your form.

That yarn is just too adorable!

Only thing; I’m not sure how this will store?  It’s pretty firm, but easy to crunch, so packaging it up in my Easter box probably won’t work.

Have a great one!

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