Did you know that some of the very best people in the world were born on February 19th?

It’s true – I know of at least 3 others that share my birthday (our birthday) and they are pretty incredible people!  (Happy birthday Jane, Anne Marie and Christine!)

The downside of a February birthday is that it’s still relatively close to Christmas – so there’s not much on your wishlist.  We have a few traditions: birthday breakfast (no matter who’s) is Cinnabon.  An early morning phone call from long distance family, my Dad makes his annual comment about how he was “worried I was brain damaged because my head was such an egg shape when I was born” and a birthday dinner…. which for me, means The Keg.

True to form, Hubby and the girls came through for me and this is what I found when I woke up yesterday morning:

My Birthday 2

Our Cinnabon breakfast, Easter Creme Egg lunch and cheesy Kernel’s popcorn for dinner!

Happy birthday to me!

Actually, we went to The Keg for dinner Wednesday night because the girls’ school gave out free tickets to a London Lightening game that they really wanted to go to on Thursday.  I’m not a big fan of basketball, but I am a fan of happy kids, so we went.

My diabetic day continued with a free Starbucks (venti chai latte with whip), and my sweet friend Leslie dropped off a chocolate mouse cake – which I forgot to photograph before I devoured.

My Birthday 1

I was squeezed in for a last minute haircut while the girls were at school and then I came home to read my cards.

Remember the book we made last Mother’s Day?

My Birthday 5

I use it for my birthday as well – so I left it out last night and found these adorable messages in it this morning:

My Birthday 6

Come on – is this cuteness overload or what?  I’m the “Mom of her dreams” (Chloe) and “the Boom! to her Pow!” (Maddie)

I could eat them they are so scrumptious!

But wait until you see this…

My 8 year old made me a birthday video last night as well.

She MADE this.

All by herself.

She’s only 8!

To top it off – my Dad wished me a happy 41st!  I think it’s only fair that if he forgets how old I am (42), then I should be able to as well right – who’s the egg-head now Dad!   (P.S.  I love you, please don’t cancel the cheque!) lol

I think you can tell, it was a pretty spectacular day!

Don’t tell Hubby though – I’m going to milk it all weekend as well!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful wishes and for your love and friendship!

Have a great one!