I mentioned yesterday that I was up attending a workshop in Collingwood last weekend…

Well I arrived early in the day so my hotel room wasn’t ready.  
I picked up a brochure on zip-lining and was looking it over when I ran into Peggy.

We’d met once before at another conference, but that was the extent of our friendship.
I held up the brochure and no sooner had she seen it than she called to get more information.

I will be honest here and say I picked up the brochure in the hopes that perhaps I might have the balls to actually try it…. but I was fully planning on mulling it over, and over, and over – and more than likely ponder it until it was too late to actually go through with it.

Not Peggy.

She was all over it…. so off we went.

Looking back, I really should have turned around when I saw that this was what greets you at the entrance to the park.

Not Peggy.

We hauled our asses up about 1 million stairs and another kabazillion rock steps.

I’m not sure if this photo does it justice – but the temperature where I was taking the photo from was about 24 degrees celsius.
That’s ice and snow in the crevice below.

I haven’t seen trilliums since I was a kid!  A very traumatic memory actually – in Ontario it is illegal to pick trilliums as it’s our Provincial flower – I’m pretty sure I was caught red-handed making a bouquet to take home. 

Before I knew it we were at the gates of hell;

Peggy, who has also never done this before, was all gung-ho – there was no saving face if I backed out now.

The great thing about this zip line – which I don’t think is common – is that you can select your speed.  You can start it and stop it anywhere along the line to take photos or enjoy the ride.

Peggy doesn’t believe in speed control;

I tried to snap a few shots looking back up the hill and down, but it was difficult as I was pooping my drawers at the same time.

Girls – if you read my blog someday;  Mommy did it!

Hubby, this is as close to any scene from Fifty Shades as I’m going to get…. sorry you weren’t there to participate. lol

Why yes Christian, you may put me in a carabiner…. and parachute, and fresh underwear.

Peggy, you are an amazing woman – and I’m so grateful for you and our adventure!

 Have a great one!