Are vacuum/mops really worth the hype? Bissell CrossWave review

Bissell CrossWave Review

This is NOT a sponsored post.  I purchased the Bissell CrossWave myself after reviewing customer comments on the Bissell site and  I’m sharing this article in case you are on the fence about the effectiveness of vacuum/mops for your home. If you follow the blog, or even just glance at my homepage, you’re going […]

How to deep-clean area rugs like the professionals

How to deep-clean area rugs

If you have rugs and pets, kids, or feet – then you likely have dirt and stains.  Today I’ll show you how to deep-clean area rugs like the professionals (without the professional price tag). Did you know I’m a foster mom?  Perhaps not as noble as a foster parent to children, but an equally necessary […]

It’s time – this is your Fall Yard Work Checklist

With “Sweater weather” (said in my best SNL voice), warm soups and cozy fires comes the annual Autumn clean-up.  This is your Fall yard work checklist and a great tip to make it easier and faster. Have the leaves started coming down where you live? I’ve heard that certain parts of Canada have seen their […]

Make your own dish soap bars

cold press dish soap bars, make your own dish soap bars, zero waste dish soap, cold process dish soap bars

Looking for an all-natural, zero-waste, easy-to-make project that everyone can use (or gift)?  Today I’m sharing how to make cold press dish soap bars; a fun and earth-friendly project anyone can do.   A few weeks ago I did a blog post on learning to make cold press soaps and it has been fun!  It […]

Why use grout sealer?

Why use grout sealer, sealing grout, grout sealer

Why should you use grout sealer and how do you apply it?  Today I’m sharing the how-to and why’s of applying a grout sealer to your tile floors, showers, and backsplashes. I have a love/hate relationship with my ceramic tile floors.  I love them because they are beige and hide a lot of dirt, because […]

How to EASILY clean your barbecue grates

how to easily clean your barbecue, easily clean your BBQ

I’ve tried cleaning barbecue grates with ammonia left in the sun in black garbage bags.  I’ve tried wire scrapers (very bad), and bristle brushes (they clog with grease immediately), and I even made a cedar scraper to get the big chunks off – but nothing was “easy”.  All of these methods involved either toxic fumes, […]

Fruit fly trap – using kitchen ingredients

Fruit fly trap, fruit flies, getting rid of fruit flies

If fruit flies are frequenting your food, try this 2-ingredient fruit fly trap and eliminate them within a matter of days! For the past month or so, my kitchen has been plagued with fruit flies. Did you get that?  “Plagued” lol Okay, it hasn’t been that bad, but any fruit flies are bad fruit flies right? […]