Winterizing the Garage Doors

We tend to think of garage door maintenance come Fall when “Winterizing” is on our minds, but weatherizing your garage doors will protect your home from pests, insects, leaves,water, dirt and extreme temperatures any time of the year.

Is the above photo shocking?

This is the bottom weatherstrip on my garage door.  It’s shifted, been chewed and/or frozen to the ground and ripped, it was full of sawdust and water and clearly completely ineffective in sealing out anything that wanted to come hibernate […]

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Choosing the best toilet for your family

Choosing the best toilet for your family is more than finding a colour and price and taking it home from the nearest store – these are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

We built our house in 2005 and had agreed on a few upgrades for our dream home, but toilets were not even remotely in the running as items we were going to spend time researching or allocating additional funds to.  Builder’s grade bowls seemed adequate, and really, […]

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The best way to deep clean your shower

Yes, hire someone else and rebuild your entire shower from scratch.  Failing the whopping budget for that, the easiest and best way I’ve found to deep clean your shower is to use the HomeRight SteamMachine.

(This is not a sponsored post however the links to purchase the Steam Machine are affiliate links – which means if you buy, 100Things2Do will get a small commission for sending […]

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The easiest way to clean window tracks (chemical free)

At least the calendar says it should be Spring even if the weather isn’t totally Spring-like, which means it’s time to get to work on all of those areas of the home where dirt and crud have built up all winter long…  like window tracks.

Mine are disgusting – beyond the normal black crud that tends to accumulate – I’ve actually managed to cultivate some quarter-sized, hairy balls of mould in my window tracks as well.  No one wants quarter-sized […]

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Spring Cleaning – cleaning blinds

I wrote a post about cleaning blinds a couple/few years ago, and I believe it’s been that long since I’ve done them – how embarrassing!

There are a few chores around the home that I really dislike doing: cleaning my shower, cleaning the oven and cleaning my blinds.  Give me toilets and stairs over these anytime!  I find cleaning my shower to be so incredibly labour-intensive and it takes at least an hour to do a decent job.  Cleaning the oven […]

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How to keep an area rug from moving around

Have you fallen in with the trend of adding an area rug over carpeting?  It’s sharp – I admit I love the look – but what do you do when your area rug won’t stop bunching and wrinkling?  How do you keep an area rug from moving around?

How to keep an area rug from moving around, What to do when your area rug won't stop moving, area rug gripper, rug gripper, carpet gripper, area [...]
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Organizing the Linen Closet

Have I ever told you how susceptible I am to marketing?

It’s true, when I was in University there was an infomercial for “Breast enlargement cream” (that was waaaaay back when I stayed up past 8pm).  At that time, women aspired to Pamela Anderson’s chest size in the same way women now want a Kardashian butt.  My nickname in highschool was “two-by-four” because of my un-Pamela-like chest size, so clearly I needed/bought the miracle cream.

Didn’t work of course.  Neither did the […]

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How to clean cutlery scuffs off of dishes

Are you working your way through your “100 Things 2 Do Before the Holidays” checklist?

I am, and while I’m not quite as prepared as I’d like to be, I have crossed off items each day – and who doesn’t love crossing things off of a checklist?

One item that wasn’t on my checklist specifically, but is a task I do once a year before Holiday guests see my ugly dishes (sorry guests during the rest of the year) is to […]

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Choosing a kitchen faucet – go hands-free!

I received the Pfister Raya faucet in exchange for providing a review to my readers.

I’ve mentioned before that we built our house back in 2005 and, as with any build, costs were a constant concern so we opted for “builder’s grade” on a few essentials, like faucets, because we knew we could upgrade down the road.

One of our budget-buys was this little kitchen faucet.

kitchen faucet, choosing a faucet, Pfister faucets, Pfister Raya, hands-free faucet

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Fall Yardwork Checklist- prep now for gorgeous results in Spring

Have the leaves started coming down where you live?  I’ve heard that certain parts of Canada have seen their first snow already, so I know that it’s just a matter of time before the deluge begins.

As it stands, we’ve already started round 1 of our Fall yardwork with the pine needles that have dropped from the giant evergreens behind our house.

Fall yardwork, Fall yard cleanup, Prepping your yard for winter, winterizing your yard, WORX [...]
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What is Swirl Remover?

This post came about in a round about way – typical for how my brain works – so hang on…

We’ve been away at the cottage this past week and when I come home from any vacation anywhere I feel “dirty”.  I’m actually clean, I’ve showered and we had laundry facilities, but the feeling sticks with me so on returning home from anywhere I do a mass of laundry, facial mask, hair mask, shaved legs – the works.

While unpacking the car […]

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How to Unclog a Toilet (without a plunger)

I need to show you a self-portrait:

At least two days a week this is how I feel – and the remaining 5 days a week, this is Hubby.

Is it possible that our pipes are shrinking?  That they are so full of hair and crud and gunk that anything that goes down the toilet now causes it to clog?

I don’t even want to think about what might or might not be wrong […]

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A clean oven without the work?!

If you surf Pinterest, you will find dozens on dozens of people claiming to have “the best” or “the easiest” methods and materials for cleaning the oven.  Heck, your oven itself probably has a self-clean function built right into it.

None of them, and I mean NONE of them will do as thorough a job as OvenClean.  I know this because I’ve tried.

The vinegar, the baking soda, the SOS pads, the Ajax, and the ammonia.  The best method I’d found prior […]

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The BEST Dog Bed – you won’t believe it, but it’s true!

I’ve meant to share this post for about 3 years now and never have, but with Christmas just around the corner comes the urge to spoil your fur baby.

Stores are showcasing pet clothes, toys, treats and beds with the same abundance that you’d find these things for your kids…

I’m going to do you one better…

I am going to show you the very BEST dog bed you can get, and it’s cheap (if not free).

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Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

Using just three dollar-store ingredients and you can make your own mosquito repellent!

I saw this post on Facebook and decided it was worth giving a try;  Miss Madison is our family’s ‘sweet meat’ and the bugs can’t seem to leave her alone.

Make your own mosquito repellent using dollar-store ingredients

We use spray on mosquito repellents like Deep woods and Off and Avon, but I really don’t like the thought of spraying her […]

Painted Garage Floor – Cement Area Rug

My garage is my workshop – like most DIYers – which means it is a disaster zone (probably also like most DIYers).  At first it drove Hubby up the wall every time there was a paint drip on the floor – but I broke him.

Painted garage floor, Painted rug, painting a rug on concrete, painting a concrete floor

I had to spill and spray everywhere in order to do it, but eventually […]

How to makeover your floor register vents

Not an obvious area for a makeover I know, but my floor registers have been bugging me for years.

They are the cheap builder’s grade vents (some plastic, a few metal) in what was once white – but have since yellowed with time and grime.

We have our dented and rusty metal floor register by the front door.How to makeover your floor register vents

Then we have beautiful plastic ones that have gone […]

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Cleaning Makeup Brushes

While I had everything out to clean my hair brushes the other day, I decided it was time to tackle my makeup brushes as well.

cleaning your makeup brushes, cleaning makeup brushes, how to clean makeup brushes

The only makeup I wear is a bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip gloss – so I’m not sure how […]

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