Make Your Own Beeswax Wraps

Canada is implementing (or trying to implement) a ban on certain ‘single-use plastics’ by 2021; things like straws, plastic plates, cutlery, bags and stir sticks to name a few.  It’s not nearly enough to reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet, but it is a move in the right direction and these DIY beeswax wraps are just one of many ways our family is participating.

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The […]

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Year of clean checklist

Remember all of those cleaning tasks that you forgot? Yup, me neither. This printable “Year of Clean” list will help you keep track of those monthly/quarterly or yearly jobs that we often forget.

This isn’t your typical cleaning checklist – this is a list of items that don’t need to get done everyday, but do need to get done; changing the furnace filter for example.

But how do you keep track of when it was changed out last – especially if there […]

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Winterizing the Garage Doors

We tend to think of garage door maintenance come Fall when “Winterizing” is on our minds, but weatherizing your garage doors will protect your home from pests, insects, leaves,water, dirt and extreme temperatures any time of the year. I know that I got my door for added security to help our outdoor home security cameras so doing this will also keep them even more durable to attack.

Is the above photo shocking?

This is the bottom weatherstrip on my […]

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Choosing the best toilet for your family

Choosing the best toilet for your family is more than finding a colour and price and taking it home from the nearest store – these are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

We built our house in 2005 and had agreed on a few upgrades for our dream home, but toilets were not even remotely in the running as items we were going to spend time researching or allocating additional funds to. Builder’s grade bowls seemed adequate, and […]

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The best way to deep clean your shower

Yes, hire someone else and rebuild your entire shower from scratch. Failing the whopping budget for that, the easiest and best way I’ve found to deep clean your shower is to use the HomeRight SteamMachine.

(This is not a sponsored post however the links to purchase the Steam Machine are affiliate links – which means if you buy, 100Things2Do will get a small commission for […]

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The easiest way to clean window tracks (chemical free)

At least the calendar says it should be Spring even if the weather isn’t totally Spring-like, which means it’s time to get to work on all of those areas of the home where dirt and crud have built up all winter long… like window tracks.

Mine are disgusting – beyond the normal black crud that tends to accumulate – I’ve actually managed to cultivate some quarter-sized, hairy balls of mould in my window tracks as well. No one […]

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Spring Cleaning – cleaning blinds

I wrote a post about cleaning blinds a couple/few years ago, and I believe it’s been that long since I’ve done them – how embarrassing! So you’ve just bought some new blinds from Miles Ahead Blinds & Awnings and they’re beginning to get a little dusty. It’s time to clean them!

There are a few chores around the home that I really dislike doing: cleaning my shower, cleaning the oven and cleaning my blinds. Give me toilets […]

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