My New Purse!!

I don’t show a lot of fashion or “girly” things on this blog – not because I don’t like them; my Pinterest boards are full of cute outfits that I wish I wore, but more because this is a DIY and family blog and after doing DIY and taking care of my family there isn’t a lot of time or energy left for hair and makeup.

BUT – I did DIY the cutest purse EVER!

If you have drills in your DIY […]

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Easy and Inexpensive DIY Duvet Cover

Are you starting to feel the cooler temperatures in your area?

It might be temporary, but here in SW Ontario we’ve moved from shorts to pants and with the humidity out of the air, nights are spent with cool breezes wafting through bedroom windows – it’s absolutely heavenly!

I’ve been changing over some of our decor to reflect both the season and the air temperature and adding a little extra warmth to the bed was top on my list.

I’m going to show […]

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The Cheater T-shirt Quilt

I had such a great week last week; all of my projects were both fun and challenging and when they all turned out as I’d hoped, I was giddy.

Today’s cheater t-shirt quilt is one of those “I’m giddy” projects.

There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest on how to cut your t-shirts and what to back them with and how to finish with the quilting portion….

That is NOT what you’ll find here – today I’m all about getting those shirts into […]

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Easy Draft Stopper (from repurposed jeans)

I have been meaning to make a double-sided draft stopper since last winter. I even purchased the pipe insulation stuff and have had it sitting in my craft studio for MONTHS! Clearly I won’t be using these pipe insulations in my actual home pipes, but it is true that the pipes most likely need checking out. I have recently heard about pipe freezing, which temporarily isolates the pipeline. How had I never heard of this before!

Today was all […]

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DIY No-Sew Placemats

Don’t sew?

Don’t worry.  Summer is about easy entertaining and getting a lot of bang without spending a lot of bucks. These DIY no-sew placemats do just the trick – brightening up your dining space and creating an atmosphere at your table without breaking the bank. By selecting an outdoor fabric, these mats will also be spill and UV resistant. No sewing skills required!


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Simple sewing – Infinity Scarf

Please forgive the photos in this post – I was scrambling back and forth with the camera on timer so that I could focus on each infinity scarf, then run and be IN the shot.  It didn’t work out that well for me.  Add to that a triple double+ chin and post yoga workout gear and it was destined to be a bad shoot – but that doesn’t mean the project itself is bad.

Nope, this is an easy-peasy sewing project that […]

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DIY American Girl Doll Sleeping Bag

Miss Chloe will be turning 8 later this month and the only thing that she has on her birthday wishlist is an American Girl Doll.

She asked for one last year as well, but the dolls are RIDONKULOUSLY expensive, so we distracted her with other gifts.  This year she’s hedged her bets by only asking for one single thing.


Personally I don’t see the appeal, but then she probably wouldn’t see the appeal of the Cabbage Patch Doll craze that went around […]

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