KitKat candy sleigh, candy sleigh, KitKat sleigh

KitKat candy sleigh

Use as stocking stuffers, gift toppers, tree ornaments, or treats for neighbours and friends – these inexpensive KitKat Candy sleighs are easy, adorable, and a sweet treat for anyone. The girls and I hit the Dollarama the other day to get a few Christmas supplies… ornaments to paint, fairy lights, some simple garland and (of course) candy. Does anyone go to the Dollar store and not buy candy? Weirdos. This time, there was a method to my sugar frenzy – I

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Pinecone ornaments

Simple pinecone ornaments

Simple pinecone ornaments – don’t buy new when all you need is a slight update to the old! Last weekend I put up the main Christmas tree in the house – my beautiful 9′ Hayden Pine that I bought myself as a Christmas gift last year. He is so beautiful all on his own, but you know I change up my Christmas tree ornaments and colours each year.  I mean, what kind of a blogger would I be if I

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Fall family room 2022, Fall family room, fall decorating

Fall decorating in the family room

You don’t have to break the bank or spend hours on hours making your home Autumn-worthy. Just a few inexpensive touches is all you need to bring the Fall vibe home. (Amazon affiliate links to the items I purchased are highlighted) I know I’m not an interior decorator.   Far from it – *those people (written with a jealous undertone) have a sense of balance, colour, spacing and texture that I just can’t seem to figure out the equation to.

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Navy bedroom set, navy bedroom furniture

Navy bedroom set

Want to bring colour to your bedroom, but without making the walls feel “heavy”?  What about a navy bedroom set to bring sophistication and tradition together in a bold, but neutral palette? It’s funny, but since I graduated cabinetmaking school, I’ve been inundated with requests to refinish furniture? A couple of orders to make furniture, but the majority of my business of late has been in painting existing furniture.  I don’t mind, I LOVE painting, and a good before and

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using high heat paint to restore a fire pit

Using high heat paint to restore a fire pit

Has your bbq, wood stove, radiator or fireplace seen better days? Today I’m testing out using high heat paint to restore a fire pit. Have you tried high heat paint? It’s generally used to repaint an aging barbecue, clean up fire pits, wood burning stoves, radiators, or paint the inside of a wood burning fireplace.  The product specs on the High Heat Enamel from Rust-Oleum also indicates that you can use it on engines – but that’s going to depend

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oak dining table

Dining table and chairs makeover

I have a new-ish refinishing “finish” for you to try… like this mennonite dining table and chairs makeover that went completely MATTE! Happy weekend! So something happened when I finished cabinet-making school… Suddenly I received a rush of orders for refinishing projects?  Normally I’d say no, and focus on building projects, but a girl’s gotta eat right? On top of that Michelle was my “big sister” in Kappa Alpha Theta – and you don’t say no to your big sister.

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