Whizbang soap display craft show display, Dirty Girls Soaps

Make your own soap display

Thinking of selling your homemade soaps? You need these easy and inexpensive soap display racks to showcase them in all their scented goodness! I know this post is geared towards a more niche audience, but if you are avid crafter/DIYers

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black accent wall, black bedroom wall, adding black to your bedroom

Black accent wall

Want a high-impact, low-cost, minimal-work way to upgrade any room in your home? This black accent wall brought drama to my bedroom in less than a day! Hey guys! Life here has been crazy-busy – in a wonderful-but-exhausting way. I

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Refinishing veneer tables, wood veneer table, refinishing veneer

Refinishing veneer tables

Refinishing veneered tables isn’t impossible. With a bit of finesse, and some patience, you can bring new life to wood veneer furniture – including re-staining! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a refinishing project hasn’t it?  Feels like AGES. This

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Tic Tac Toilet paper holder, Tic Tac Toe, Half lap joint

Tic Tac Toilet Paper Holder

Looking to practice a new building skill? This Tic Tac Toilet paper holder is fun, functional, AND a great project for learning half-lap joints!  Just above beginner level woodworking, but nothing you can’t handle! GUYS!  I won Graduate of the

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DIYer's Guide to Sanders

How to choose a sander

So you’re looking to start refinishing furniture, or perhaps even start DIYing a few small builds and are wondering what sander does what?  I did too, but after a bit of research I’ve put together this list for “How to

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