Where did I go?

March 27th, 2017|For me, Uncategorised|

I’m sorry I was AWOL last week – I promise I wasn’t abandoning you for binge-watching Grace & Frankie (although I did do that) – last week was a bit crazy with “stuff to do”.

We went to Florida for March Break, so last week was all about ‘catch-up’ – the worst part of coming from vacation.

Swimming pool, Floridian 5 star, Florida

Yes, given that this was my vacay-view, I certainly won’t complain […]

I’m Sad Today…

March 2nd, 2017|For me|

Actually, by the time you read this it will probably have been a few days ago that I was sad.

But I am/was.

I’m generally a pretty happy person.  It really doesn’t take much to brighten my day – my tea mug turned to the perfect direction to pull it out of the microwave, my dog’s cutie-eyes as she begs for attention, a hug and kiss from my kids.

Today nothing was making me happy.

Let me explain – last week was my birthday […]

Crafty Crates Subscriptions – Try Before You Buy

February 2nd, 2017|CRAFTS, For me, GIFT IDEAS|

Crafty Crates Subscriptions is a brand new subscription box company – like brand-spanking new – but with a BRILLIANT concept…

crafts for ADULTS (and/or older kids).

I know, you’re subscription-boxed out, but hear my argument; if you read this blog chances are you are a Crafter/DIYer or at the very least a Wanna-be-Crafter or Wanna-be-DIYer…

however, making things is expensive.

There are supplies to buy, tools you need, shipping, taxes, coupons – it’s all very cumbersome really, unless you LOVE what you do.

What […]

100 New Year’s Resolutions

January 1st, 2017|100 LISTS, For me|


Hello my happy, healthy and eager friends…

or given last night was New Year’s Eve should that be hello to my tired, hung over and slow-moving friends?

Either way – we made it!

Whether you found 2016 to be one giant $h!t show, or a year of growth and happiness, now’s the time to start a new and even better chapter in your book.

BRING ON 2017!

With that in mind, I decided to revisit my 100 New Year’s Resolutions list to see […]

Great Gift Idea – DIY Folding Lap Desk / Breakfast Tray

December 8th, 2016|BUILD IT, DIY, For me, GIFT IDEAS|

As soon as I saw this image from Jen Woodhouse, I knew I wanted one.

DIY folding lap desk, DIY folding breakfast tray, lap desk, breakfast tray

Better still, I knew it would make a GREAT gift idea – I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of staying warm and cozy in bed and eating a hot breakfast, or reading the paper, or working on the computer with a steaming cup of […]

Book Nook – 17 of the coziest reading spots on the internet

September 8th, 2016|BOOKS, DECOR, For me|

There’s just something about Fall that brings out all of my animal instincts.  The urge to stockpile food for winter and start “nesting” before hibernating this winter.  Part of this pull is the idea of a cozy chair, warm lighting and a good book as the evenings become shorter and shorter.

Perhaps it’s just that I’ve been binge-reading Outlander since the Season 2 finale.

If you’re not a reader and […]

Cozi Family Calendar – the solution to extracurricular mayhem!

September 7th, 2016|For me, ORGANIZE, Uncategorised|

I want to start this by saying this is NOT a sponsored post.  This is an app I came across in an effort to find a family-friendly calendar that can be accessed by everyone in our household, no matter where or on what machine (desktop and mobile) they were using.

Do you have a constantly fluctuating calendar?  One where from moment to moment new dates, events and plans need to be added, removed or edited?

We have the large MotherWord Magnetic Wall Calendar […]

Long Weekend Plans…

September 4th, 2016|For me|

How’s your long weekend so far?

Have you been taking it easy and relaxing before what I call the ‘official’ start of Fall?

Or have you been slaving away, trying to get all of those end-of-summer projects in before the cooler temperatures?

I went with “labouring” in honour of Labour Day and managed to finish up another scrabble wall for a client:

Scrabble wall, farmhouse gallery wall, farmhouse gallery, rustic gallery wall, gallery wall

Didn’t it […]

Tire Cover Advertising

July 21st, 2016|For me, GIFT IDEAS, Uncategorised|

Did you know that advertising on your car is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate interest/leads for your small business?

It’s true.

According to the Interstate Advertising Corporation, 74 percent of motorists are positively influenced by companies and products advertised on trucks.

The American Trucking Association states vehicle advertisements generate more than 600 visual impressions for every mile driven.  So if you drive, a conservative, 25,000km in a year (15,500 miles) that’s roughly 9,300,000 impressions your vehicle has made for your […]

10 Must-read Books of Summer 2016

May 24th, 2016|BOOKS, For me|

To help you with your patio, beach, vacay and/or evening reading, I thought I’d compile a list of the latest, and soon-to-be-released “Must-read books of Summer 2016”.

I haven’t read a single one, some won’t even be out until August, but I did a bit of research and compiled the top 10 (eleven really) books that all of the sites seem to be recommending.  When I write “all of the sites”, I’m including heavy hitters like the Washington Post, Huffington Post, […]