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I’m Shelly and I’d like to introduce your business to my “friends”.  Thousands and thousands of readers from around the world are eager to learn and experiment, and your product or service might just be their next purchase!  My audience consists of primarily women, between the ages of 27 and 55 with a love of crafts, DIY and family fun.
I strive to share compelling articles 3-4 days a week featuring some of the best craft, DIY, and recipes from all over the internet – each created/recreated with my own “spin” and sense of humour.  With blog growth continuing month-over-month, and social media on the rise – now’s the time to share your great idea with a willing and open audience.

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August 2016 Media Kit

Pinterest Analytics:  August 2016

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July 2016 Media Kit

Pinterest Analytics:  July 1 – August 1, 2016

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Media Kit - May 2016


Check out these Pinterest numbers! (May 2016)

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