How to store your kitchen waste bin

Storing Your Kitchen Waste Bin

Looking for a simple way to hang and store your kitchen waste bin?  Sure, you could buy the $19 Amazon hook, or you could take 10 minutes and a 4.5″ piece of scrap wood and make your own. This article

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Creating a garage workshop

Creating a garage workshop on a budget

Setting up a garage workshop can be a rewarding project, providing you with a dedicated space for DIY projects, repairs, and creative endeavours. These tips will help you create a safe, organized and functional space no matter what square footage

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DIY Pantry makeover

My DIY Pantry Makeover

Tired of organizing, re-organizing, packaging, containerizing and re-containerizing your pantry?  I was, and I did all of those things – several times – over the years.  I finally bit the bullet and decided I was going to DIY a pantry

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