Thrift store lamp makeover

Using a $7 lamp I found at a local thrift store, a bit of putty, and some mud, I created this gorgeous antique pottery lamp that looks like it cost hundreds!

 I stopped into a local thrift store the other day, which I rarely ever do, and it just happened to be 50% off day!

I was looking for some decor pieces that I could update to style shelves in my soon-to-be-new-office.

I picked up a weird wine bottle (that I thought was […]

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Adding touches of Fall to your decor

Instead of going all-out-pumpkin, this year I decided to make my Fall decor more “seasonal” (versus “festive”). With a few inexpensive touches, our Fall family room is warm, cozy and loaded with texture.

Oh guys,

I’m so happy!  The weather has finally turned (even if it’s only briefly) from the crazy humidity of the past month to the sunshine and perfect temperatures of Fall.

It’s actually killing me to be sitting inside writing this post when I should be out planting mums, sipping […]

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Rustic wood houses for inexpensive shelf decor

As a proponent of DIY decor, when I saw some rustic wood houses at nearby store, I decided to use them as inspiration and build my own!

I’ve started my office makeover guys!

Lower cabinets are installed, electricians came and re-routed a couple of outlets for me and I’ll be building the upper shelves this week!  I’m so excited!

But with such a big build on my plate, I don’t have a lot of spare time to keep the blog filled with other […]

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Making a home office for a teenager

Something happens when kids move from “children” to “teenagers” – styles, tastes, activities all change drastically.  In order to create an age-appropriate space for my teen, I attempted a $0 makeover to create a home office suitable for a teenager.

My house is in such a disarray.

For every project I finish, there are two more that are needed – mainly because I shift the mess from one room to the next.

My girls switched bedrooms last year sometime and Chloë claimed our […]

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Upcycled dresser turned hall tree

In a time when wood prices are crazy and landfills are beyond capacity, let me suggest to you that upcycling / repurposing is the way to go.  Save money, save the environment and have fun creating – like this upcycled dresser turned hall tree!

I love this so freaking much!

I don’t know what to tell you – I’m a genius!!

Okay, an accidental genius, but I’m still taking it because (for once) my idea turned out spectacularly!

See this dresser:

Patio side table (with lights!)

Add solar lights to this simple patio side table build and create a gentle glow on your patio for those warm, summer nights.

This project didn’t turn out quite how I’d envisioned.

I wanted to make a small side table for the patio with an opaque plexiglass top and a warm overall glow coming out from the top and sides.

But I broke the plexiglass.  I broke 3 sheets actually. 🤦🏻‍♀️  So I had to improvise…

I rifled through my wood pile and decided […]

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Make your own wood Canadian flag

With Canada Day around the corner, now is a great time to use up scrap bits and make a wood Canadian flag to decorate inside or outside your home. 

There were a lot of likes and comments on my scrap wood mosaic post the other day (thank you so much!), one of which suggested that I use the same technique and make a wood Canadian flag sign.

I have made a wooden Canadian flag in the […]

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