Four board console table

Four boards, 12 screws and a bit of wood glue to this gorgeous DIY console table / DIY sofa table / DIY entryway table – inspiration pieces are selling for over $1,600 US!

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for hours – literally HOURS!

My F*&%ing iMac is working at a snail’s pace again and my photos are all locked up.  I only bought this computer in 2019 (although it is a 2017 model – I don’t know how that […]

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Styling above kitchen cabinets

Stuck with what to put above your cupboards to “finish” the look of your kitchen?  If you don’t have a bulkhead or glassed in cabinets, then here is an idea I want to throw into the mix for styling above kitchen cabinets.

This is a quickie today – I really only have four photos to share…

But I’m sharing anyways because when I went over to Pinterest to find out how to style above kitchen cabinets, there was a grand total of […]

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How to make and hang a quick, easy, and inexpensive gallery wall

I wanted a high-end look on a low-end budget.  I also wanted to hang my pictures as perfectly as possible without investing a day in doing it.  I managed both!  Check out my quick, easy AND inexpensive gallery wall!

*This post contains affiliate links to the items I purchased and used.  For full Amazon affiliate disclosure, please see sidebar or bottom of the page.

I was adding some finishing touches to my master bedroom makeover this weekend and I made a […]

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Master bedroom makeover

Wow!  If you don’t believe in the power of a gallon of paint, you need to see my master bedroom makeover!  From BM Chelsea Gray to BM Pale Oak and Behr Watery, the room seems to have doubled in size!

So, I’ve been separated (the time he had actually moved out) since April 2019.

I’m not going to be bitter or slanderous instead, I hope you’ll view today’s post as a positive, proud moment for me.

April 2019 left me with a master […]

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Toddler room idea – bear shelf and stool

Make this simple bear shelf and bear chair and create a sweet reading nook for the toddler in your life.

I don’t have a toddler (sniff, sniff) but I do have a friend with a new baby which was excuse enough to create a couple of little decor pieces for his bedroom.

Yeah, I’m pushy – decorating someone else’s child’s bedroom. lol

I’ve actually had both the bear shelf and the bear stool completed for months now, so I’ll share the project, but […]

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Single-use soap

A great idea for minimizing contact amidst Covid, these pretty single-use soaps are decorative, smell wonderful and are so easy to make!

Just popping in with a quick idea today – not even sure if I can stretch it out to 300 words so that Google will include it in its search engines… but it’s a good idea, especially given the current pandemic.

Single-use soap!

I don’t want to give you the idea that I have poor hygiene, but I have never washed […]

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My Christmas Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and although it is a room of function over form, I decided to exercise a little Holiday spirit and share with you my Christmas kitchen.

I recently had new counters and a new backsplash installed in my kitchen (farewell shitty, destroyed laminate!) and while I haven’t figured out exactly how to style things, I did take a shot at decorating my kitchen for Christmas.

Let me tell you, this took SOOOOO LOOOOONG!

These photos are […]

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