Dining room chandelier

Timeless, elegant, sophisticated yet still warm and welcoming, I found the PERFECT dining room chandelier thanks to Dainolite.

*This is a sponsored post.  I was provided with the Langford chandelier from Dainolite – after much begging on my part – in exchange for showing off how GORGEOUS it looks in my new dining room.  All opinions are sincere and my own.

Oh yeah!  Starting the blog post off right away with a KA-ZOWIE image!

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Egg candles

There’s still time! A few eggs, some bees wax and a few wicks are all you need to make your own Easter egg candles!

I’m scrambling to write this because Easter is this weekend and I only just tried this out on Monday.  I had no idea if it would work or not (as with most of my projects) but I saw these egg candles and I wanted some (as with most of my projects).

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Simple plant stands made from scrap wood

Simple scrap wood plant stands that require only 6 pieces of wood. These and 14 other DIY plant stand options that I’ve made over the years.

I was in my She-Shop the other day working on a plant shelf for my Aunt.

scrap wood plant shelf

You’ve seen this “Slatted plant stand for a bay window” a few months ago – but she wanted another for her friend and neighbour.  Since I had lots […]

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Gorgeous DIY Wainscoting you can do in a day!

One day to create a spectacular feature wall like this DIY wainscoting (faux board & batten). Tips, tricks, video, costs, and what not to do to DIY your own.

 Oh guys!

This might be one of my favourite DIY’s of all-time!
I’ve done the faux board and batten in my bedroom – and I love it – but trimming it out and putting in the extra detailing really takes it from “gorgeous” to WOWZA!!!

I’ve done a time-lapse movie of the process (a bit […]

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Faux greenery – and where I’ve had great luck!

Plants breathe life into your home – but not all of us have green thumbs.  Today I’m sharing where I’ve had some success with faux greenery and I’ll show you how I’ve incorporated them into my decor.

Through blogging, I’ve had to learn a lot about photography and staging.

I’m still not particularly good at it, but over the years I have improved.

One tip that an interior design blogger told me was that “the best photos are the ones that have greenery […]

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DIY Decor – Wooden Chain

Not your typical DIY, this wooden chain was inspired by one I purchased, but decided to see if I could replicate out of scrap wood.

Happy Weekend!

I hope you all are staying safe (and warm) on this gorgeous, sunny but -21° C day?  (that’s including windchill – which, for those that don’t know, is the temperature it feels like outside with the biting cold and not necessarily the thermometer temperature).

Come winter we Canadians care more about the windchill temperature than the actual […]

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DIY Decor – Painted Vases

Update your decor with a can of spray paint and those old vases you have sitting in the back of a cupboard somewhere.  Painted vases are the easiest, and least expensive way to add a bit of character to your space.

Hellooooo there my friends!

I am so excited today – MY COMPUTER IS WORKING!!

It has been a months-long battle with my iMac and I had resigned myself to throwing this one out (not even 2 years old) and buying a new. […]

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