Swarovski ornament trees

I revamped some after-Christmas bell trees into a pretty display for my favourite ornaments.

I’ve received a Swarovski ornament every year since I was about 20.  Not to give anything away, but that means I have 26 of these delicate crystal ornaments that mean so much to be because of the people who have given them.  In fact, I love these ornaments so much that I don’t put them away after Christmas and instead leave a display of them on my […]

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Cement Pears

Add a bit of industrial coolness to your decor without mixing up concrete or spending a fortune.  Check out how I turned this fake fruit into cement pears for my home decor using just a cement spray paint!

I’m working on an awesome workbench for my She-shop.  This beauty is 4′ by 8′ with both my mitre saw and table saw fit right into the build plans.  It has drawers and room for a shop vac and, and, and…  you’ll see […]

Today is a hot cocoa kind of day…

Today is a hot cocoa kind of day…
make this adorable sign and create a hot chocolate station for warm memories all winter long.

I’m so excited to share today’s post!  I am a HUGE fan of Details 2 Enjoy and have purchased a few word kits from them in the past like:

I’ve had my eye on several others, however with shipping to […]

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My newest infatuation – Paint by number

Have you ever tried a paint-by-number?  I thought it sounded a bit hoakey, but was willing to try anything to get some bonding time with my kids… and now I’m hooked!

Do you struggle to find things to do with your kids?  Mine girls are 11 and 12 and one-on-one time with them is limited now to the rare pedicure.  Mom just isn’t cool and their interests lie more in electronics, sports and their friends.

Sad sigh

I’m always looking for projects or […]

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House-shaped candle holder

Make these Scandinavian-inspired wooden houses (to hold flameless candles) with a few scraps of wood and a bit of glue.

I love Scandinavian decor – ESPECIALLY come winter when every image is hygge (“a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment as cozy, charming or special.”)  I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing rustic stone fireplaces, sheepskin (faux of course) throws, and candles casting a warm glow.

Since I had one Christmas gift left to DIY before Santa’s […]

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Make your own DIY round lantern

Round lanterns are a nice break and contrast from the typical DIY lanterns you find online.  Today I’m showing off how I made these cuties with a scrollsaw and some scrap wood.

I saw these gorgeous lanterns on Instagram the other week and I thought they’d make an amazing gift for my SIL… unfortunately, I don’t live in Norway (this image is from a beautiful Norwegian IG feed) and I don’t know how to work with metal (yet).

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Christmas in the Dining Room

Christmas in the Dining Room – with the table set for entertaining and the lights low for a warm Christmas glow, come and check out my Christmas dining room on the blog today!

I had so much trouble photographing my dining room this year!

I cleaned and polished and dusted and mopped, but when I went to take photos we had a beautiful sunny day – which sounds awesome, but actually isn’t ideal for photographing.  I waited until the sun had moved […]

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