Simple Summer Bouquet

Who says flowers are for special occasions only?  And who says you have to spend a bundle?  This time of year is fantastic for finding gorgeous summer blooms along the edge of rural roads… for free!  Check out my simple summer bouquets made up of overgrowth from my own garden.

I was driving around the other day, just running errands, and I noticed that along the sides of the roads (the ones on the outskirts of town anyways) the ditches were […]

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Name Photo Collage

Looking for a personal and heartfelt gift idea?  What about a photo collage of letters (from someplace special to you) to make up the recipients name – like these name photo collages for my girls.

I / my girls received the sweetest gift the other week; a friend – and fantastic photographer – gifted my girls with photographs of signs that he had taken from all over town.  Places in our city that we’ve seen or visited so that each letter […]

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Stained glass window panels

Take a couple of panels of stained glass, add a cedar frame and create art for your windows! 

Hey strangers!

Where have you been?!  It’s been so long since I’ve touched base with you – are you ignoring me?

Kidding – and with my apologies – I’ve been working hard, but certain life problems and projects have interrupted my work flow.

Take these stained glass windows I helped a friend with  back in May – they have been sitting on my photo reel waiting […]

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Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Craving a new kitchen but a remodel or overhaul isn’t in the budget?  Join the club my friends – but check out the stunning kitchen makeover I did with just a few hours work, a Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit and some stunning new hardware!  

*This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum Canada and Liberty Hardware.  I was provided with the materials to transform my kitchen in exchange for reviewing the products.  As always, all opinions are my own and sincere.

Are you […]

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Furniture made for families – Wilcot sectional

If you love the look of farmhouse, cottage, Hampton’s and/or rustic – this sectional will fit the bill.  Cozy, comfy and oh-so-welcoming, you’ll never want to get off the couch!

This is a sponsored article written by me on behalf of Ashley HomeStore Canada.  All opinions expressed are sincere and my own.

You’ve had a sneak peek of our gorgeous new sofa when I was showing off my coffee table refurb – but today I’m going to show you the […]

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Patio Living

Summer living isn’t just about beaches and barbecues – some of my favourite times are spent right here at home (staycation anyone?) on/in my favourite room of the house – the patio!

I HAD THE BEST DAY EVER last weekend!!

My kids were home with me, the weather was gorgeous, we went out for ice cream, had nachos outside and just “hermited” in my favourite room of the house…

My patio.

This outdoor room has always been my favourite place to spend time.  Caesar’s […]

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(Faux) Cement Garden Sculptures

Popping in with a quick little DIY that you can make in an hour (including drying time) that will add some whimsy and interest to your garden – check out these adorable (faux) cement garden sculptures!

I was at the dollar store the other day – picking up a ridiculous amount of chocolate – when I came across these cute, little demon bunnies.

dollar store rabbit statues

At only about 6″ tall with pink […]

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