Spring 2018 One Room Challenge – Week 3

April 19th, 2018|DECOR|

It’s week 3 of the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge and I have a confession to make…

I am not a natural designer.

I know what I like, but putting a room together beyond paint and DIY projects is a little out of my depth. Scale, texture, palette, style – not my forte by any stretch of the imagination.

One Room Challenge Spring 2018

For my Week 3 ORC post I’d like to share […]

Spring 2018 One Room Challenge – Basement Makeover

April 12th, 2018|DECOR, DIY|

Today’s the day bloggers everywhere showcase the progress they’ve made for their projects in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge.  I’ve submitted my parent’s basement – which houses a theatre room section and a home gym section – as my challenge entry.One Room Challenge Spring 2018

This week was all about boxing up all the shit items that have turned their home gym into a hoarder’s haven.

I wouldn’t say that I’m […]

Spring 2018 One Room Challenge – Basement makeover

April 6th, 2018|DECOR, DIY|

I am a couple of days late in posting this, but I was back and forth on whether or not to submit my parent’s basement makeover into the Spring 2018 edition of the One Room Challenge.

One Room Challenge Spring 2018

The basement needs a LOT of work, and the basement makeover will be dramatic – but I wasn’t sure if I would have 6 weeks worth of content to share on […]

DIY side table / small bookshelf

April 4th, 2018|BUILD IT, DECOR, DIY|

As you may (or may not) know, I am a guest contributor over on the amazing, incredible, brilliant blog House of Wood.  Over the past few months, I have shared a few builds that you would not have seen on 100Things2Do like a super-sized shoe rack, a DIY upholstered ottoman, and this week’s awesome DIY; a mid-century-modern style DIY side table / mini-bookshelf.

I won’t share the full building plans here, but I can give you a […]

Concrete form ideas – fabric hamper, copper planter and more!

February 28th, 2018|DECOR, DIY|

Good morning!

If you have clicked over from House of Wood – welcome!  If you start your day with 100T2D – then you need to click over to House of Wood to see another project that I built/made using a concrete form.

For this post though, I want to show you a couple more ideas of things you can make (easily) with a concrete form:

  • House of Wood is showcasing my ottoman/footstool.
  • The other day I showed you how simple […]

DIY Round tray from a concrete form

February 25th, 2018|BUILD IT, CRAFTS, DECOR|

Hey 100T2D readers!  I’ve got a GREAT project for you today, and a sneak peek at another great project that I’m showcasing over on House of Wood later this week:  I figured out how to make a DIY round tray from a concrete form!!!

I’m so excited because I’ve racked my brain for months to figure out how to build/make a round tray without wasting a lot of wood, involving a router or creating pretty elaborate jig – and today […]

How to keep an area rug from moving around

February 20th, 2018|CLEAN, DECOR|

Have you fallen in with the trend of adding an area rug over carpeting?  It’s sharp – I admit I love the look – but what do you do when your area rug won’t stop bunching and wrinkling?  How do you keep an area rug from moving around?

How to keep an area rug from moving around, What to do when your area rug won't stop moving, area rug gripper, rug gripper, carpet gripper, area [...]
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Painting bathroom cabinets

February 16th, 2018|BEFORE & AFTER, DECOR, DIY|

I was provided with Rust-Oleum Krud Kutter and Bullseye 1-2-3 primer for this “Painting bathroom cabinets” post.

My bathroom has bugged me for a little while now.  Our cabinets are 13 years old and are showing the wear and tear of the years everywhere.  Hubby doesn’t seem to notice, but they are glaring to me.

Bathroom makeover, painting bathroom cabinets, navy bathroom cabinets

Come on!  How can you NOT notice?!  (On the upside, if […]

Master Bedroom Makeover – Theirs $6,773 vs. mine $1,144

February 13th, 2018|BEFORE & AFTER, DECOR|

This master bedroom makeover has been WEEKS in the making, and you’ve caught bits and pieces as I’ve finished each DIY – but today I want to share it with you in its entirety – budget and all!

You’ve seen in magazines the sections “Theirs vs. Ours” right?  I’m going to go with that idea and break it all down as best I can.

I’ll start by showing you the Modsy design that I was basing this master bedroom makeover on:

Repurposed Lightbulb to Twine Pear

February 6th, 2018|CRAFTS, DECOR|

These repurposed lightbulb twine pears are actually from a post I wrote back in 2013.  The article itself was one of my earlier blog posts with no keywords or SEO, so I doubt anyone except my parents have ever seen it.  To that end, I decided it was worth revisiting – especially given that these non-coil lightbulbs are quickly becoming extinct.

I’m using a black-light bulb in these photos, because that’s what was available at the dollar store, but clear glass […]