I made a ping-pong table!

Good morning and Happy Canada Day!

This hot weather has me melting, but given the winter we just came out of, I hate to spend much time indoors.  I havemy patio all set up with a fan moving the air constantly, the Intex pool nearby and a FOLDING PING-PONG TABLE on the patio.

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Yup, I built my own […]

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Cottage Games / Camping Games

Do any/many of you head to a cottage or go camping in the summer?

We rent a cottage with friends each year and spend a week by the beach “Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool…” (Fresh Prince style).  We load our cars to maximum capacity – so much so that the kids are usually bent into some awkward Twister position and my knees are up around my chest trying to fit one last thing in.

Granted, an ice cream maker isn’t a […]

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One-Man Ping-Pong

We have had so much fun with our one-man ping-pong that I had to share the build so you could have fun with your family as well.

First off I want to say that I am the reigning champion of mini ping-pong / one-man ping-pong.  I only built our game last Monday, so I’m sure I’ll blow my record out of the water as I practice, but the family scores are currently:

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Before & After – Lego Table

This Lego table / Lego storage project took a long time.

Normally, I would have whipped out a nightstand in a day or two, but this one was well over a week – mostly because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it.

This […]

Candy Bar / Candy Buffet

My girls have danced around the house all weekend reminding me that there are only “9 days left of school”.

At this point, actually learning anything is mute – it’s all about treat days and field trips to celebrate the end of another school year…. essentially a month-long party with a bit of math squeezed in.

Last week Madison had “Candy Day” at school.

I’m not sure why her teachers thought that jacking thirty 11 year-olds full of sugar was a good idea, […]

Outdoor Summer Games – Tic Tac Toe

I will admit that there are a LOT of pins with ideas for creating tic tac toe boards in fun and unusual ways.  Ladybug and frog rocks, chalk paint and frisbees on the lawn, paper plates in hotel rooms – there’s even a version of tic tac toe with lego.  It’s an easy game for any age and one that can be played just about anywhere.

Having written that, I do have a new, unique take on this fun, outdoor summer […]

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American Girl Doll Treehouse / Beach house

Build an American Girl Doll (or other 18″ doll) DIY dollhouse / DIY treehouse to keep the imagination going outside.

[Updated 09/07/17:  I am including some build plans in this post]

Our friend Jeannie is turning 8 shortly.  She is my youngest’s best friend and her parents are our best friends – so when a birthday allows me a little DIY love, I’m all over it!

I had a few parameters that I tried to stick to when building this American Girl […]

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters – or rather t-shirts

We had fun last weekend.  We were laughing and giggling away because of the task our advent calendar had us scheduled to complete:  ugly Christmas sweaters.

When I first put the idea into the girls’ calendar, I had thought we would buy some ugly Christmas sweaters from the thrift store, but when last weekend rolled around, I decided we didn’t need to spend any more money to still have the same fun… so I brought out some old t-shirts and let […]

You’ve Been Boo’d III

This is a repeat/redundant post that I do every single year, and will continue to do until my girls are too old to enjoy surprise treats – our annual “You’ve Been Boo’d”.

If you haven’t seen my Boo’d I and Boo’d II posts, the idea is to package up a few pre-Hallowe’en goodies, along with the “You’ve Been Boo’d” poem then drop your gifts off at friends homes by ringing and running.

My girls LOVE the ring and run part […]

Personal (mini) Fire Pit

I love this post so much – and I can’t take credit for it at all.

Damn!  I hate sharing the glory.

My friend Leslie was showing me photographs from a party her daughter threw the other week; in them, she pointed out the mini fire pit / personal fire pits she had created for the girls so they could have a s’mores bar.

I was all over her for details on how to make one – and she one-upped me by bringing […]

Laser Tag Party

Age 10, do you believe it?

Miss Madison is now a “tween” with all the attitude and aspirations of a full-fledged teen – and my heart breaks at the thought of yet another step out of my arms and into the world.

But if you’re going to take on the world (and have just binge-watched 6 seasons of The Walking Dead) then you know how important laser training is to her future;  aim, dexterity, tracking, hunting, night vision…

okay, how about running, laughing […]

100 Things 2 Do this Fall

This is a repeat printable from last year, but with the weather turning a bit cooler and the leaves starting to change, I was in the mood to print and post a version for my family – so I thought you might like one too.

100 Things 2 Do this Fall - printable checklist of activities that run from September to just before the Holidays

100T2D Fall – postcard

Canadian […]

How to Get Kids to Read – the 100 Chapters Challenge

There must be something your kids want.

Some treat or experience or object that they have whined for?  (yeah right – what don’t they want right?)

Kind of like how you whine to them about cleaning their rooms and keeping up with their summer reading?

If you are struggling to get kids to read, then perhaps this 100 Chapters Challenge will incentivize them to start.

This challenge can work out for both of you – keeping their brains sharp over summer vacay and offering […]

DIY Catapult for Kids

Feels like I haven’t written a post for kids in awhile…

It’s not that we haven’t been doing things – it’s the opposite in fact.

We’ve been to the library, a blueberry farm, swimming lessons and this week day camp – I just forgot to post anything on the blog.

Today I have an easy DIY that you can build with the kids out of scrap wood – no need for large purchases – this is a cheapie-but-a-goodie.

The girls and I (okay, mostly […]

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Timer Apps to Limit Children’s Online Gaming

With summer comes the inevitable daily battle to get the kids off of their technology.

Computer, television, iPhone – or in our house – the iPad,  are constantly in use.  The constant stimulation isn’t good for kids (in my opinion) and being indoors and anti-social is even worse – but getting the girls to turn off their iPads is akin to ripping out their toenails.  We’re talking screaming, yelling, name calling and full-on-tantrums – by them AND by me.

During the […]

100 Things 2 Do This Summer

For those of you in the States, school has probably been out for a week or two already, but here in Ontario – it lets out TOMORROW!

I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified – I mean, I’m SO SICK of packing lunches and yelling at the girls to get ready each morning….

But on the other hand, I’ll be alone with them…  both of them…   all summer….

I’m not going to lie, my girls are smarter than I am, […]

Garden Decor – Polymer Clay Garden Snails

Chloë and I had fun on the weekend playing with her polymer clay.

For those that don’t know, it’s a lot like play-doh, except it hardens after cooking.  People make jewelry, figurines, dishes – all sorts of things – but Chloë and I decided my garden pots needed some ‘life’.

Enter polymer clay garden decor – in this case plant picks!

We rolled out a sausage of clay and then rolled it flat with a rolling pin.  Then all we had to do […]

Hopscotch ideas

This isn’t your Mama’s hopscotch – this is the Tough Mudder of hopscotch!

We’re not talking two sidewalk squares and a little rock here.

This is 25 sidewalk squares and sweat.

The tough mudder of hopscotch

I’ve made one of these that ran 12 houses long, but it’s a bit tiring.  Your best bet is to get a group of kids and let each of them create a task for a square.  Get enough kids […]

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