Keeping kids busy at home

Painted shoes, hand-painted shoes, custom painted shoes, fabric markers

20+ ideas for keeping kids busy while stuck at home – simple ideas to fill long days with fun, laughter and creativity! *This post contains affiliate links.  I have tried to include Amazon options so that you can have items delivered versus hitting the dollar store – but that sometimes means that the supplies are […]

DIY Guinea Pig Hide

DIY Guinea Pig hide, guinea pig fort, VW Bus

Using a few pieces of scrap ¼” plywood and a bit of imagination, my daughter and I created this ADORABLE DIY guinea pig hide VW bus for our fur-babies!We have been having so much fun over here! We have two new additions to our family:  Chanel (Tri-colour) and Pixie – Miss Maddie’s new guinea pigs […]

Painted Shoes

Painted shoes, hand-painted shoes, custom painted shoes, fabric markers

Take your shoes from bland to BLAM! with a few fabric markers and a bit of imagination.  Check out the hand-painted shoes my tweens and I made. The girls and I were in Florida a couple of weeks ago when we came across these canvas shoes at Michael’s. I’m a lover of “Chucks” (Converse) and […]

Embroidery Floss Tassels

Embroidery floss tassles, embroidery thread tassles, tassle keychain, DIY tassle keychain or earrings

Create these simple embroidery floss tassels in a matter of minutes and attach them to pillows, keychains, earrings – anything at all really. Winter has finally hit in my part of SW Ontario and it’s been C-O-L-D. A bit of snow, but plenty of cold. Which means it’s been a bit too much for my […]

Scrap wood robots and pets

scrap wood robot, wood robot, scrap bot, robot keychain, scrap wood keychain, wood keychain

A bit of wood and whatever nuts and bolts you have lying around are all you need to make your own wood robots and pets. I have a whack of these wood robots and pets pinned to my Scrap Wood Pinterest board – most of them seem to be tagged in another language, so maybe […]

My newest infatuation – Paint by number

Paint by numbers, My paint by numbers, make your own painting, paint by number

Have you ever tried a paint-by-number? I thought it sounded a bit hoakey, but was willing to try anything to get some bonding time with my kids… and now I’m hooked! Do you struggle to find things to do with your kids? Mine girls are 11 and 12 and one-on-one time with them is limited […]

Scrap Wood Gnomes

DIY gnomes, scrap wood gnomes, DIY tomte, DIY Nisse, wood gnomes, wood elves

A piece or two of scrap wood, some dollar store paint, craft beads and felt are all you need to create these adorable Christmas gnomes. My Christmas Tomte (Norwegian name) or Nisse (Danish name) has been a big hit on the blog for the past couple of years.  In fact, the Instagram photo I put […]