Simple Toy Display

This has been a week of I.O.U.’s over here.

I promised my Dad I’d build him a condiment carrier, I promised Chloë I’d build her a tiered shelf to display her toys, I promised Madison I’d refinish a mirror for her….

Technically not I.O.U.’s as in money – but simple projects that I’ve put off for a while and have weighed on my mind.

I’m not sure if simple builds are too boring for you guys now?  Now that I’m showcasing bigger builds […]

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Magnetic Advent Calendar

I’ve had a few big projects lately (one you’ve still to see) and I’m feeling like I need a little bit more ‘simple’ in my life.  Today’s magnetic advent calendar is just that – simple.

I’ve had these metal sheets from M-D Building Products since the Haven Conference last July.  I didn’t know what to do with them, but I didn’t want to throw them out “just in case” an idea suddenly popped up.

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Hallowe’en Fun – You’ve been BOO’D!!

It’s the beginning of October which means it’s time to start the Hallowe’en hijinks – namely the ring-and-run fun of “You’ve been Boo’d!”

Hallowe'en fun, Hallowe'en printable, You've been boo'd, boo'd, Boo'd poem, Booing

Make up two small bags of Hallowe’en treats, print off these tags and attach – then sneak up to your friends’ doors and …


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Tweens and self-esteem – The be.Tween Project

When did parenting get so hard?

Actually, when hasn’t it been hard?

I’m in a household with two “tweenagers” (9 and 11) and each phase of their lives has presented different challenges – from learning to walk, to potty training to letting them assert some independence.

But these tween years – all of their struggles seem to be internal, which is NOT an easy fix.

How they look, how they act, what they wear, what they play with, even what they eat becomes a […]

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Small Closet Organization (on a budget)

Miss Chloë got ripped off in the closet department – but in our defence, we didn’t know we were having two kids when we built.  As it was our builder hadn’t incorporated a linen closet into our home, so we had to use part of – what later became – Chloë’s closet.

It’s a single closet, so not minuscule by any means, but certainly smaller than most closets being built in houses today.

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Backyard Playground Makeover

If you’ve followed along, you will have seen a few posts now where I’ve done different projects for a playground makeover.

The goal of the entire endeavour was to get a few more years of use out of our backyard play set / treehouse…  I needed to “Tween it up” to make it cool enough for my girls to want to play in again.

I’ll go back to what we started with:

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Finishing up the Playground – Outdoor Art

Do you ever sit in your yard, front or back, and think “I wish I could add some colour”?

But the idea of painting your fence seems too daunting, permanent and possibly expensive?

My backyard playground updates included colour for the structure itself, but nothing for the fence for those exact reasons.

Outdoor art, outdoor decor, fence art, outdoor canvas, stencil art, playground upgrades

I didn’t want to commit to painting the entire fence and […]

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