Free birdhouse plans

free birdhouse plans, DIY birdhouses

Free birdhouse plans for not one, but two different birdhouses! Measurements, cut lists and instructions for these DIY birdhouses – each coming in at less than $4 in wood! One of my most popular posts of all time is the time I shared Ana White’s birdhouse plans.  It was easy, inexpensive, and has lasted from […]

Build your own trash and recycling centre

trash and recycling centre

With free building plans from Ana White, I was able (as a beginner) to build my own trash and recycling centre for my kitchen and create a bit of extra counter space at the same time! We are GREAT recyclers in our house!  (I’m so modest lol)  We don’t consume any more or any less […]

Tea caddy / Hot cocoa caddy

tea caddy, hot cocoa caddy

If you’ve got scrap wood bits – even as small as 4″ – you can whip out this adorable tea caddy / hot cocoa caddy in no time!  Make one for your Mom, your sister, your bestie and of course, yourself. I wish I had the plans for this tea caddy / hot cocoa caddy […]

Slatted plant stand for a bay window

Slatted plant stand, DIY plant stand, DIY plant shelf

Do you have a bay window?  One that lets in lots of natural light, but is impossible to fit a piece of furniture in?  Today I’m showing how I made a slatted plant stand to take advantage of the light without taking up much space. My Aunt has a green thumb. It’s kind of irritating […]


over the toilet shelf

Short on space and money, but need extra storage in your bathroom? This easy DIY over-the-toilet shelf is a perfect fit! Did you know that 4.4 million Canadians rent their home? In the U.S., roughly 36% of the population live in rental units. That’s a LOT! I have nothing against rental units other than that […]

Ironing board storage

Ironing board storage, ironing board rack, laundry room organization, ironing board DIY

This ironing board storage solution is from Ana White, so please click over to her Iron Board Holder post for the details. What I will share are the changes I made to her building plans – just a couple, don’t worry. This is (essentially) what you will build following Ana’s plans; an 18″ by 20″ […]

Garage Organization – Easy Garage Shelving

Garage shelving, easy garage shelves, garage organization ,organizing the garage, garage shelf

Low on space, but high on “stuff” – try this easy garage shelving to increase your storage capacity and organize your space. My garage is my workshop. When I say “my” garage I mean the half of our two-car garage that I’ve filled with tools, wood, furniture, and paint. The other half is “his garage” […]