Industrial cart to coffee table (an awesome makeover!)

industrial cart makeover, industrial cart to coffee table

Take the character of an antique industrial cart and make it over into a beautiful and unique coffee table! I’m so excited about this makeover – and I don’t even need another coffee table in my house! lol I’ve been eyeballing antique industrial carts through different auctions over the past couple of years – but […]

Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table Makeover

My friend Jen gave me this drop leaf table months ago.  An antique drop leaf, gate leg table to be exact.  She was planning on throwing it out, but thought maybe I could make something of it…. keep that in mind – this was a curb-bound piece of furniture. Fair enough – it did need a bit […]

Furniture Makeover – Antique Farmhouse Table/Desk

Antique farmhouse table makeover

Traffic on the blog really fluctuates based on the topic – maybe it’s the day of the week or time that things are posted (you may have noticed, if you subscribe, that your e-mails have been arriving at different times of late), and I’m trying to figure out what it is you really want to […]

Partial Refinish

Partial refinish - when all you need is to clean up the top

Not every piece of furniture you come across needs to be stripped down to the bare bones, or maybe I should say not ALL of it needs to be stripped down. How many of you have a dresser that is in perfect condition except for the top? It’s the surface that takes the most abuse. […]