Loving my smokeless fire pit!

Innostage smokeless fire pit, fire pit

Have you heard of smokeless fire pits? I’m a convert! This InnoStage is awesome! I hate to admit this, but my boyfriend was right. UGH!  That almost hurt to say 😂 He purchased this InnoStage smokeless fire pit a month or two ago and it’s only been over the last week that we’ve even lit […]

Backyard Oasis – Patio 2021

hibiscus flower

We wait all year for sunny summer days; today I’m showing you my patio oasis and where I’d spend all my time if I could. My favourite place to be all summer long is my back patio. It’s nothing fancy and my patio furniture is around 15 years old, so I won’t win any magazine […]

Staining your fence black

staining your fence black, black fence

If you want elegance and sophistication in your yard, try staining your fence black and let the greenery pop! #blackfence Well, my fence is 17 years old and the bottom sections are starting to rot out, so it won’t be too long before it needs replacing… a perfect time to test out my vision! If […]