Beginner build: Wood Ottoman Tray

large wood tray, ottoman tray

Can you ever go wrong with trays?  Food trays, decorative trays, patio trays, plant trays… and today I’m sharing this oversized ottoman tray.  This is a repost of a build – one of my earliest – from 2016.   This post contains Amazon affiliate links to items I used.  For full affiliate disclosure please see […]

Build Your Own Ottoman Tray

DIY Ottoman Tray - a great beginner project

I’m all about little vignettes lately.  Specifically designed areas of decor that tell a story.  I don’t know that my attempts at vignettes necessarily tell a story, but I think they give off a vibe or feeling of warmth and welcome. I feel warm and welcome anyways. The trend right now seems to be trays […]

DIY Recycling Centre

DIY Recycling Centre

We are GREAT recyclers in our house!  Each week on garbage day I see that we (seem to) have more recycling out than any of our neighbours.  Nope, we don’t consume any more or any less than anyone else, but we do make a concentrated effort to keep as much out of the landfill as possible. […]