Stained glass window panels

stained glass window panels, window panels, stained glass

Take a couple of panels of stained glass, add a cedar frame and create art for your windows!  Hey strangers! Where have you been?!  It’s been so long since I’ve touched base with you – are you ignoring me? Kidding – and with my apologies – I’ve been working hard, but certain life problems and […]

What clamps do you need for woodworking?

What clamps do you need for woodworking, Bessey, malleable cast clamp, clamps for DIYers

As a DIYer with no formal training in wood-working, my clamp game was sketchy at best.  To resolve this – and to help you  – I’ve done the research and talked to the professionals to help you with a beginner’s kit that will see you through most small-build projects. What are clamps for? Despite common […]