American Girl Dollhouse – Rockwell Tools

My house is a sty – dishes in the sink, piles of laundry still waiting to be washed, toys, books, papers spattered on every surface. My home is a ‘Jackson Pollock’ of mess. Not because I don’t care – it bugs the hell out of me – but because I’ve had some exciting things going on […]

DIY Door Stop – from scrap wood

DIY Door stop - Scrap wood bird doorstops

I found the most adorable photo of a bird doorstopper on Pinterest the other day.  I tried to follow the link to see how it was made or where I could purchase one – but unfortunately, the link didn’t lead anywhere. But since I’d seen it, I “needed” one of course – and it didn’t look […]

Make Your Own Coffee / Tea Station

DIY Coffee / Tea Station

Ever since a friend of mine mentioned how they now have an office coffee station at their workplace, I’ve been on a mission lately to find the perfect tea station (coffee station – but I’m a tea drinker). I’ve been pinning images and looking up plans and even purchasing different trays at HomeSense, but nothing […]

Valentine’s Decor – Scrap Wood Hearts

Scrap wood hearts - DIY Valentine's Decor

Are you sick of Valentine’s posts yet? I’m sorry. As a blogger, I have to get content up early in order to give readers a chance to pin, share and attempt to make projects well before the actual holiday. If I put these up the day before Valentine’s, they wouldn’t reach as many people and […]