Make your own dry-erase board

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With some window film and a few minutes you can turn just about anything into your own DIY dry-erase board. Remember the coffee table from the other week?  The one I dismantled and repurposed into a chalkboard command centre and a vignette of rustic candlesticks?  Well today I’m using up the last piece of that […]

Make this DIY mail sorter using glue!

DIY mail sorter, mail sorter, mail organizer, command centre, mail slots, mail pockets, file organizer

Hey Y’all! (I’ve been binge-watching Nashville on Netflix) I’ve got a great DIY for you today and it doesn’t need any nails or screws at all. Except for hanging that is – other than that, I made my DIY mail sorter using ONLY Gorilla Glue! I’ve swapped offices with Hubby so now his is in […]