Quick and Easy Christmas Treats

Quick and easy Christmas treats, Christmas baking, Holiday baking

Are you ready? Except for the cooking that is? I am!! Mainly because Hubby handles cooking the main meals, and I handle the baking, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.  (aka: he gets all the glory). Fortunately for me, my baking has been pared down to a few seasonal favourites that we bring out every year – […]

Marshmallowy Soft – Aunt Mary’s Divinity Fudge

Divinity fudge, Aunt Mary's fudge, white fudge, fudge

One last recipe. I thought I’d shared it on the blog before, but when I went to find the post there was nothing? Shame on me. This is a fudge my Great-Aunt Mary used to make for my Dad every year for his entire life.  She has left us, but her recipe and the memories […]