How to make a simple wood tree collar

wood tree collar

All you need are 4 pieces of wood, a bit of trim and bed hardware to make this beautiful and incredibly simple wood tree collar. This build is so ridiculously easy, it’s almost embarrassing to put up… but I’m sharing it because the key to it’s simplicity wasn’t my idea; it was the gentleman at […]

20 Simple Christmas DIYs

20 Simple Christmas DIYs, Christmas DIY, Easy Christmas crafts, DIY Christmas decor

I’ve written this blog since the summer of 2013, and in that time I’ve written well over a thousand blog posts with DIY, craft, recipe and decor ideas. But who has the time to surf an entire site to find ideas for simple DIY projects? I DO! Okay, I didn’t really, but I do have […]

DIY Christmas Decor – Wooden Horse

Christmas decor, wooden horse, DIY Holiday decor, DIY Christmas decor, wood horse, rustic Holiday decorations

I’ve been scrambling over the past week with an exciting project – exciting for me anyways – I’ve recently been interviewed for London’s LifeStyle Magazine! No, it’s not BHG or Country Living – but it’s local and I’m so excited! The article is going to revolve around my 100Things2Do before Christmas checklist (which has since […]