Scrap wood Frankenstein, ghost and Purple People Eater

Wood Frankenstein, wood ghost, wood purple people eater

There’s still time!  Forget pumpkin carving and make these adorable Hallowe’en characters out of scrap wood and leftover paint! I need to do more small projects. I love big projects – the challenge, the results etc – but they are big and take a lot of time (this blog is my second job AND I’m […]

Hallowe’en Decor – Beware sign

Hallowe'en decor, Beware sign, wood Hallowe'en sign, Hallowe'en decoration, DIY Hallowe'en decorations

Did I tell you I bought a scroll saw the other week? Yup, I picked up a cheapo on Kijiji (the Canadian equivalent of Craig’s List) a couple of weeks ago, then three days later I noticed my Step-Dad had a brand new scroll saw (still in the box) in his garage. Scroll saw number […]