Today is a hot cocoa kind of day…

Today is a hot cocoa kind of day, hot cocoa stand, hot chocolate station, hot chocolate stand

Today is a hot cocoa kind of day… make this adorable sign and create a hot chocolate station for warm memories all winter long. I’m so excited to share today’s post!  I am a HUGE fan of Details 2 Enjoy and have purchased a few word kits from them in the past like: I love […]

DIY Rustic Christmas Sign (and a Fall one too)

I know, it’s WAAAAAY too early to be posting any Christmas nonsense, and in all honesty this project started out with a DIY rustic Autumn sign… but expanded all on its own. Let me show you – I had some 1 x12″ wood in the garage that I wanted to make a sign out of. […]

DIY Wooden Sign

DIY wooden sign - Patisserie

With all of my pantry obsessing of late, and my continuing avoidance of completing my income taxes, I finally got around to a project I’ve been thinking about for quite some time…  a DIY wooden sign for above my pantry door. I went to France years ago, and in my travels through different areas of […]