Gorgeous DIY Wainscoting you can do in a day!

DIY wainscoting, DIY board & batten

One day to create a spectacular feature wall like this DIY wainscoting (faux board & batten). Tips, tricks, video, costs, and what not to do to DIY your own.  Oh guys! This might be one of my favourite DIY’s of all-time! I’ve done the faux board and batten in my bedroom – and I love […]

One day board and batten

Board and batten, board and batten accent wall, DIY board and batten, board and batten in master bedroom, diy wainscoting

Create a gorgeous accent wall of board and batten in just one day – paint and all! I’ve been working on a board and batten accent wall in my master bedroom this week, and the entire build – from purchasing the wood to the second coat of paint was all done in ONE DAY. Seriously […]