DIY Doll Furniture – Patio Lounger

DIY doll furniture, doll lounger, DIY patio lounger, DIY sun lounger, Amercian Girl furniture

I’ve got a neat tutorial for you today – DIY patio lounger for your 18″ dolls (as in Maple Lea and American Girl dolls).  I haven’t seen these available for purchase on the doll sites, so your creation will be a novel addition to your child’s dollhouse. To build this DIY doll furniture – you […]

DIY Doll Desk – fits 18″ and American Girl Dolls

DIY doll desk, American Girl desk, 18" doll desk, DIY doll furniture

What do you call the lecture-hall chairs that have the arm that folds up and down? I Googled and couldn’t find a name specific to that kind of school desk – but that’s what I’m talking about here – a DIY doll desk, or DIY doll chair with side-arm desk. Let’s just go with doll […]