Fall Outdoor Decor – DIY Wheelbarrow

Fall outdoor decor, DIY wheelbarrow, decorative wheelbarrow, fall decor, fall front porch, autumn DIY

Last year the Home Depot offered a DIH (Do It Herself) workshop where instructors showed you how to build a DIY wheelbarrow using a crate and some 2×2 wood. The workshop wasn’t offered in my area, and I couldn’t find the tutorials online, so I decided to whip up my own version and offer the […]

Fall Decor – Scrap wood pumpkin

Scrap wood pumpkin, Fall decor, Autumn decor, white pumpkin, DIY pumpkin, wood pumpkin

Remember the other day when I was showing you my scrap wood crows? In the background you might have noticed another project I was plugging away at; a scrap wood pumpkin. I had a scrap piece of 2 x 6″ that was about 6″ long – so I traced out a pumpkin shape on it […]