Loving my smokeless fire pit!

Innostage smokeless fire pit, fire pit

Have you heard of smokeless fire pits? I’m a convert! This InnoStage is awesome! I hate to admit this, but my boyfriend was right. UGH!  That almost hurt to say 😂 He purchased this InnoStage smokeless fire pit a month or two ago and it’s only been over the last week that we’ve even lit […]

Personal (mini) Fire Pit

Mini fire pit, personal fire pit, s'mores bar, terracotta pot fire, marshmallow roasting station

I love this post so much – and I can’t take credit for it at all. Damn!  I hate sharing the glory. My friend Leslie was showing me photographs from a party her daughter threw the other week; in them, she pointed out the mini fire pit / personal fire pits she had created for […]