Medicine Cabinet Organization

Do you have the organizing bug?

With the boxing-up of Christmas decorations comes the urge to reduce, purge, organize and clean – come on, admit it – it can’t be just me?

Step one was the tree and decorations, step three is organizing the storage of the tree and decorations.

Step two is medicine cabinet organization.

A natural progression don’t you think?

Truthfully, I got bored with all the Christmas stuff and needed a little job that could be whipped out quickly and easily to […]

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Purse First Aid Kit (just in time for summer)

Spring brings the onslaught of extracurricular activities in my family… most families, I suppose.

We have soccer and cheerleading, bike riding and rollerblading, beach visits and track and field, camping, road trips etc – any of which can bring on bug bites and boo boos while you’re away from home.

You could carry around your full-sized first aid kit if you were motivated (and a far better mother than I am) or you could collect a few of the key components and make […]

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