Tooth Fairy Box

Tooth Fairy box, Tooth Fairy, baby teeth, keeping baby teeth

Using two pieces of scrap wood, I was able to create this adorable Tooth Fairy box to keep baby’s first teeth. My girls are too old for the Tooth Fairy. They won’t admit it because they still want the cash (and they are still losing molars), but even my 10-year-old gives me a skeptical look […]

Make this DIY mail sorter using glue!

DIY mail sorter, mail sorter, mail organizer, command centre, mail slots, mail pockets, file organizer

Hey Y’all! (I’ve been binge-watching Nashville on Netflix) I’ve got a great DIY for you today and it doesn’t need any nails or screws at all. Except for hanging that is – other than that, I made my DIY mail sorter using ONLY Gorilla Glue! I’ve swapped offices with Hubby so now his is in […]