Holiday Home Tour 2016

Holiday Home tour, Christmas home tour

I was a little torn in posting this; I LOVE my home.  I love it in all it’s messiness and chaos – as far as I’m concerned this is my ‘forever home’… but it’s not to the calibre of the images I see of other bloggers’ homes. At the very least, my photographic skills (while […]

Foyer Makeover – Wilmington Tan to Balboa Mist

Foyer makeover, hall makeover, Wilmington Tan, Balboa Mist

I have disliked the colour of my foyer (almost) from the day it was painted.  I paid an interior designer to come to my home and choose colours for me, and she chose this Wilmington Tan by BM as a compliment to other colours I had in the house – and it was.  Her choice […]