An In-Depth Guide to Cleaning Plant Leaves for Indoor Plant Owners

Cleaning Plant Leaves, cleaning the leaves on plants

Did you know it’s important to clean the leaves on your indoor plants?  Dust accumulation on the leaves can actually impede photosynthesis and decrease plant respiration causing slow to no growth and even the possibility of killing off your plant. This article was written by Mandy Jordan, a content specialist for GIY Plants, specifically for 100Things2Do readers […]

Plants and Pets

Pet-friendly plants, toxic plants for pets, dangerous indoor plants

Before bringing plants into your home, check to make sure they aren’t toxic to pets or children.  This “Pet-friendly plants” list is a great starting point. I’d seen this listing of common house plants that are “Pet-friendly plants” and “Toxic plants for pets” at my Veterinarian’s office the past few times I’ve been.  Each time […]