Picture Ledge – decorating my home office

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I’m still plugging away at my office makeover and today I want to show off my new picture ledge! It’s just a cheapie Ikea ledge, nothing too impressive – what I’m excited about is the art that it holds; art that I made! And I’m not an artist! Remember the photos I showcased the other […]

Cottage dreaming and learning Lightroom

Butterfly, Monarch, Cottage living, Inverhuron, Lake Huron, beach, Kincardine, summer vacation

We have had the most AMAZING summer! Hubby was able to take two weeks off and we rented a gorgeous cottage on Lake Huron – as in right on the water.  We shared the cottage with our favourite travelling companions and dearest friends and enjoyed sun, sand, surf (some rain) and savoury meals prepared by […]