Pallet Projects – Fence/Wall Art Whale

Pallet Projects - Fence Art Whale

If I told you that this project cost me a grand total of $0, would you believe me? Seriously, the pallet was free, the paint was leftover, – I might have spent a few cents on sandpaper – but truthfully, I didn’t buy a single thing to make this! My friend Cheryl had sent me […]

Adding Curb Appeal – Mailbox Makeover

Adding curb appeal - Mailbox Makeover

If you’re looking to add curb appeal, an easy and inexpensive place to start is with a mailbox makeover. My Aunt asked me if I could build her a new mailbox; She’s had this one for over 20 years and as you can see it’s seen better days. She let me take it with me […]

DIY Bench Plans – DIY Garden Bench

DIY Bench Plans / DIY Garden Bench

These DIY bench plans are originally from Ana White – and while I really don’t want to steal her thunder (please go and check out her blog for her version and a million other DIY projects) – but I did need to come up with something for a sales “pitch” I made the other day. […]

American Girl Dollhouse – Rockwell Tools

My house is a sty – dishes in the sink, piles of laundry still waiting to be washed, toys, books, papers spattered on every surface. My home is a ‘Jackson Pollock’ of mess. Not because I don’t care – it bugs the hell out of me – but because I’ve had some exciting things going on […]