Candy Bar / Candy Buffet

Candy bar, candy buffet, candy display, candy loot bags, treat bags

My girls have danced around the house all weekend reminding me that there are only “9 days left of school”. At this point, actually learning anything is mute – it’s all about treat days and field trips to celebrate the end of another school year…. essentially a month-long party with a bit of math squeezed […]

Coastal Decor with DIY Sea Glass

Sea glass, DIY sea glass, coastal decor, Rustoleum frosted glass

Anyone else feel like time is just flying by at this point?  I woke up yesterday and it was February and when I woke up this morning it was June….  I’m at a bit of a loss for everything that’s happened in between.  (Thank God I blog or I’d never remember what I do each […]

Easter Bunny Candy Jars

Easter bunny candy jars. Easter gift. Easter treat jar.

Today I have an easy and sweet Easter treat for you to make;  Easter Bunny Candy Jars! You can use mason jars if you want, but an even better option (because they are smoother) are recycled glass containers from jams or spaghetti sauces. I made a few mistakes in making these, so this post is going to […]