Medicine Cabinet Organization

January 4th, 2017|ORGANIZE|

Do you have the organizing bug?

With the boxing-up of Christmas decorations comes the urge to reduce, purge, organize and clean – come on, admit it – it can’t be just me?

Step one was the tree and decorations, step three is organizing the storage of the tree and decorations.

Step two is medicine cabinet organization.

A natural progression don’t you think?

Truthfully, I got bored with all the Christmas stuff and needed a little job that could be whipped out quickly and easily to […]

Organizing tips – medicine cabinet

March 24th, 2015|ORGANIZE|

Do you have a medicine cabinet?  A medicine cupboard?  Someplace that you store your Tylenol and allergy pills that is out of reach of children?

We do, and while I could have sworn I just organized it a year ago, I did find medications in it that expired in 2011?

I wouldn’t have found them (until I went to use them) if it hadn’t been for this:

Unorganized and over-stocked medicine cabinet

Poor Maddie is suffering […]