Resin paperweight

Dandelion paperweight, epoxy paperweight, resin dandelion, resin crafts

You’ve probably seen images on Pinterest of paperweights made from resin, with a tufted dandelion beautifully stretched out inside? If not, this is what a resin paperweight looks like:   There is a fantastic video online that shows how to make it as well: So, and since I had a bit of epoxy resin leftover from […]

Vintage Suitcase Bookends

Make your own vintage suitcase paperweights / bookends

We have friends that are builders in our area, and months ago now, they dropped off a box of granite samples for me to play with. There are about 36 granite bricks total in different sizes, so as much as I wanted to tile a table top or something, there weren’t enough and I wasn’t […]