Tired of your leaf bag tipping over?

Yard clean up, Fall yard clean-up, leaf bag, compost bag, pvc project, how to keep your leaf bag open, yard material clean up, raking leaves

I am. I’ll have a huge bundle of leaves just barely captured between my hands and as I go to drop it into my leaf bag / yard bag – the flipping thing tips over or collapses back to its folded shape. Makes me CRA-Z. I found a pin on Pinterest that showed a pvc […]

DIY Jewelry Holder – PVC Pipe Project

DIY jewelry holder, DIY jewelry stand, PVC project, jewelry organization

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which you really should) then you wouldn’t have seen my DIY spray paint tent I made the other week. I invested about $150 in PVC pipe and elbows and followed a Pinterest tutorial on how to make a collapsible paint tent… This is my friend Helena […]