TV console turned DIY electric fireplace

television console before

Electric fireplace inserts aren’t as expensive as you might imagine.  I found this fireplace at auction for next-to-nothing and upgraded it by repurposing a TV console into a DIY electric fireplace.  You can do this with buffets, bookcases, sofa tables – just about anything really – to really bring some warmth (literal and figurative) into […]

DIY Cold frame / DIY mini-greenhouse

DIY cold frame, DIY mini greenhouse, repurposed shower door

Repurpose old windows or shower doors to extentend your growing season with this simple DIY cold frame. When I told people I was going to build a cold frame, most of them asked “A what?” A cold frame is exactly what it sounds like: a transparent outdoor frame that protects plants from cold weather while […]

Upcycled dresser turned hall tree

upcycled dresser, dresser upcycle, dresser turned hall tree

In a time when wood prices are crazy and landfills are beyond capacity, let me suggest to you that upcycling / repurposing is the way to go.  Save money, save the environment and have fun creating – like this upcycled dresser turned hall tree! I love this so freaking much! I don’t know what to […]

CHEAP garage cabinets to organize your space

Garage cabinets, cheap garage cabinets, garage organization, tool cabinets

You want the look of the sleek, new, steel garage cabinets to organize your garage or shop, but can’t afford the price tag? Here’s your solution! You guys! You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS!!! I am SO EXCITED about this idea that I only just finished organizing my garage yesterday and I’m already jumping on […]

Valentine’s for Couples (in a DIY top hat container)

DIY top hat container, Repurposed hot cocoa container

Repurpose a coffee or hot cocoa canister into an adorable top hat that you can fill with Christmas cookies, Easter treats or sexy Valentine’s gifts for couples. Okay Dad, stop reading right here. Seriously, you DON’T want to scroll any further….  (I know I’m 46 guys, but he’s still my Dad – I don’t want […]

DIY Candle Holders

DIY candle holders, rustic candle holders, DIY candle sticks, repurposed table legs

Make a gorgeous vignette of candle holders for next-to-nothing by repurposing old furniture legs.  Remember the coffee table I was working on the other day?  Well, project two of my repurposing/upcycling adventure was to take the legs from the table and make them into these beautiful, rustic candle holders. Did I mention that these were […]

10+ Ways to Use a Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy, organizing ideas using a dollar store shower caddy, shower caddy uses, dollar store shower caddy

I came across this cute little shower caddy at the dollar store the other day and I couldn’t help but think about what a great (and super-inexpensive) organizing solution this little baby is. Think I’m nuts? Let me show you just a few – because I’m sure there are dozens more – ideas for using […]