Half-Hour Holiday Challenge – Christmas Card Display

Greeting card holder, Christmas card display, displaying Christmas cards, DIY card holder, DIY card stand, Holiday card display, Half-Hour Holiday Challenge

I have waited since October 13th to share a new challenge I’m participating in – the Half-Hour Holiday Challenge! Six bloggers coming together to inspire you to ‘get your DIY on’ with quick and easy Holiday projects that you can make in about half an hour.   When Scott (Saws on Skates) approached me about […]

Easter Decor – HomeSense Wood Bunnies

Easter decor, wood bunny, DIY easter decoration, bunny, Easter bunny, scrapwood project

I was asked recently where I drew my inspiration from, and I admit whole-heartedly that I am a plagiarist. I see an object/creation and I try to decide whether I can make my own version.  Sometimes  it’s from images on Pinterest, sometimes magazines and a lot of the time it’s HomeSense (HomeGoods is the US version […]

Pallet Projects – Fence/Wall Art Whale

Pallet Projects - Fence Art Whale

If I told you that this project cost me a grand total of $0, would you believe me? Seriously, the pallet was free, the paint was leftover, – I might have spent a few cents on sandpaper – but truthfully, I didn’t buy a single thing to make this! My friend Cheryl had sent me […]

DIY Pool Towel Rack

DIY Pool Towel Rack

If this isn’t the easiest DIY you do this year, I don’t know what is. In fact, I might be over-stating when I even title it DIY because this DIY pool towel rack is really just a matter of paint and hooks. You may remember the last DIY pool towel rack I made a couple/few […]

DIY Door Stop – from scrap wood

DIY Door stop - Scrap wood bird doorstops

I found the most adorable photo of a bird doorstopper on Pinterest the other day.  I tried to follow the link to see how it was made or where I could purchase one – but unfortunately, the link didn’t lead anywhere. But since I’d seen it, I “needed” one of course – and it didn’t look […]

Make Your Own Coffee / Tea Station

DIY Coffee / Tea Station

Ever since a friend of mine mentioned how they now have an office coffee station at their workplace, I’ve been on a mission lately to find the perfect tea station (coffee station – but I’m a tea drinker). I’ve been pinning images and looking up plans and even purchasing different trays at HomeSense, but nothing […]

Valentine’s Decor – Scrap Wood Hearts

Scrap wood hearts - DIY Valentine's Decor

Are you sick of Valentine’s posts yet? I’m sorry. As a blogger, I have to get content up early in order to give readers a chance to pin, share and attempt to make projects well before the actual holiday. If I put these up the day before Valentine’s, they wouldn’t reach as many people and […]