DIY Wall Shelf with Hooks

wall shelf with hooks, key rack, coat rack, coat rack with tray, tray with hooks

This DIY wall shelf with hooks was made entirely from scrap wood so my only expenditure was for the hooks themselves.  You can make your own in less than an hour! How were your Thanksgiving/Black Friday festivities?  I hope everyone had a fun family weekend? As a general rule, I prefer to do my Holiday […]

Scrap Wood Coin Bank

DIY coin bank, scrap wood coin bank, acrylic coin bank, wood piggy bank, rainy day fund

Who says Piggy Banks are only for kids?  I’d say, as adults, there are far more items on our wish lists that are just a skinch out of reach than there ever were when we were kids.  Make your own scrap wood coin bank and get a little closer to your dream with every dollar. […]

Tooth Fairy Box

Tooth Fairy box, Tooth Fairy, baby teeth, keeping baby teeth

Using two pieces of scrap wood, I was able to create this adorable Tooth Fairy box to keep baby’s first teeth. My girls are too old for the Tooth Fairy. They won’t admit it because they still want the cash (and they are still losing molars), but even my 10-year-old gives me a skeptical look […]

Back-to-school decor – for the classroom or home!

With a few pieces of scrap wood and some tester pots of paint you can make your own back-to-school decor for your classroom, or to decorate your home! I have had so much fun puttering away in the she-shop lately.  Yes, it’s been hot and muggy, but the thought of the kids heading back-to-school has […]

Scrap Wood Challenge – DIY Can Crusher

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

Good morning! If you are a new reader, WELCOME – and if you are a regular here then WAZZZZAAAAP! Today I am part of a scrap wood challenge with some of the biggest and best names in DIY blogging! I totally don’t fit in, but am nonetheless thrilled to be participating. The parameters for the […]

One-Man Ping-Pong

Mini ping pong / one-man ping pong, DIY ping pong, backyard games, backyard fun, scrap wood project

We have had so much fun with our one-man ping-pong that I had to share the build so you could have fun with your family as well. First off I want to say that I am the reigning champion of mini ping-pong / one-man ping-pong.  I only built our game last Monday, so I’m sure […]

Wood Book Rest / Wood Bookmark

Wood book rest, wood bookmark, triangle book rest, wood triangle, scrap wood project, book lover, DIY book stand

Are you ready to get your summer reading on? In my world, there is nothing better than parking yourself on the patio with a tea (hot or iced) and a good book while the kids run rampant in the yard.  It doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like, but those few stolen moments on […]