DIY Decor – Wooden Chain

wooden chain, wood chain, DIY decor chain, wood chain links

Not your typical DIY, this wooden chain was inspired by one I purchased, but decided to see if I could replicate out of scrap wood. Happy Weekend! I hope you all are staying safe (and warm) on this gorgeous, sunny but -21° C day?  (that’s including windchill – which, for those that don’t know, is the […]

Simple scrap wood armrest table

Armrest table, armrest tray, couch arm table, sofa arm table

Nothing says love like a handmade gift.  This simple scrap wood armrest table takes almost no time to make, is beautiful and functional and costs next to nothing… except for the love you put into making it. I’ve been thinking about the Holidays this year, and while my family is fortunate and I have been […]

Scrap wood Frankenstein, ghost and Purple People Eater

Wood Frankenstein, wood ghost, wood purple people eater

There’s still time!  Forget pumpkin carving and make these adorable Hallowe’en characters out of scrap wood and leftover paint! I need to do more small projects. I love big projects – the challenge, the results etc – but they are big and take a lot of time (this blog is my second job AND I’m […]


over the toilet shelf

Short on space and money, but need extra storage in your bathroom? This easy DIY over-the-toilet shelf is a perfect fit! Did you know that 4.4 million Canadians rent their home? In the U.S., roughly 36% of the population live in rental units. That’s a LOT! I have nothing against rental units other than that […]

Handmade Gift Challenge – Who doesn’t need a charging station?

DIY charging station, iPad charging station, iPhone charging station

What do you gift someone that has everything?  Chances are a DIY charging station (or two) would be a welcome addition to most homes and for most anyone over the age of 8.  Today I’m sharing the plans as part of the #HandmadeGiftsChallenge on Instagram.   🎶 Good morning, good morning!  🎶 (in my best […]

DIY Guinea Pig Hide

DIY Guinea Pig hide, guinea pig fort, VW Bus

Using a few pieces of scrap ¼” plywood and a bit of imagination, my daughter and I created this ADORABLE DIY guinea pig hide VW bus for our fur-babies!We have been having so much fun over here! We have two new additions to our family:  Chanel (Tri-colour) and Pixie – Miss Maddie’s new guinea pigs […]

Bath shelf / Hot tub shelf

bath shelf, hot tub shelf, bath caddy, hot tub tray, bath tray, corner tray

Dreaming of a luxurious soak in your tub – bath or hot – then you need this DIY bath shelf / hot tub shelf to complete the fantasy. Room for wine, snacks, iPad or accoutrements, this $0 build keeps everything close at hand (and dry). I made this with two uses in mind…  I wanted […]