Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Custom Sun Hat

Mother's Day gift idea, sun hat, custom sun hat, DIY sun hat

Do you remember Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress?  From her third marriage?  The one where the kids doodles were incorporated into the gown itself? With this and Mother’s Day in mind, it got me to thinking of a neat Mother’s Day gift idea that the kids could do.  A crafty gift that I’d actually use… like […]

Planner Organizer

Planner organizer

Did you know what a big business planning and organizing is?  I mean that in respect to actual planners and daytimers. I had no idea.  If you surf Pinterest or Instagram for Planners / Organizers you are going to come across hundreds of pages of different books, journals, leather bounds and coil, stickers, printables and even tips […]